Friday, June 26, 2009

My Hope.... Back?!?!

Today, was the day! Well, one of the big days. It started at 4:40am. That's when my alarm went off. Not that I could sleep anyway. My mind was going crazy. My stomach was going crazy. The weather was going crazy. I think I have been running on nerves today. That's o.k., because today was great!

We got to the clinic around 6:30. We were a few minutes early even with my 2 trips to the BR (again, my nerves). The nurse met us shortly thereafter. She immediately took both of us back to the recovery room. Of course, I had never been in this section of the clinic before. It was like a whole other world. After changing, we got the basics completed: intros, IV, antibiotic drip, wrist band, getting cosy, forms, etc... Around 7:30, the nurse anesthetist got there. She asked a few questions. Then, I got my first dose of 'crazy' medicine. I immediately told DH, "You'd better give me a kiss now!" I was feeling.... out of it! Then, it was time! I was wheeled back into the OR and DH went to the waiting room. I remember them getting me ready and someone telling me that their we injecting the other medicine. And that's about all I remember! (expect for the MJ music that was playing...)

I woke up in the recovery room. I immediately asked how many? How many eggs did we get? the nurse said, "22, a few more than was showing up on your ultrasounds." I was ecstatic! I was hoping for at least 15. I know, it's quality not quantity. But, 22 is a good number.... like Dr. T said.... not TOO many, not TOO few!

I wasn't in much pain at all. Dr. T came in to talk to me. She told me again that they got 22. She was also able to drain the cyst I have had since I have been seeing her. I was happy to hear that since she wasn't able to even find that cyst during my LAP procedure. She also told me the the fluid we saw earlier in the week was NOT draining into my uterus! That was great to hear!

At some point, DH did his duty and he also got to speak with Dr. T.

I wasn't in recovery too long. After some S. Mist and Saltines, Percocet, Tylenol and changing, I was on my way home. I felt like such a goofball being wheeled out in a wheelchair. DH meet us at the front door of the building. I was hungry. We ate a Perkins! We hadn't been there in a while. We also went to Dick's and Bed, Bath & Beyond to get my anniversary present, a hammock with a stand. We also stopped at Wally World to get some outside pillows to go with my new outside addition. DH also picked up some fishing gear.

After a nap, I sit here writing this. I am writing this with a renewed hope. Even if the fluid isn't gone, I happy to hear that it's not leaking into my uterus. I am happy we have 22 eggs to work with. And, I am happy that the pesky cyst that has been annoying us for months is now gone (although, it could come back).

I can't wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, before 12 noon, we should get a call telling us how many were normal and how many fertilized. I am hoping again for 15. That's a good number.



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