Sunday, July 31, 2011

1 Year Stats

Baby C had her 1 year check-up Tuesday (7.26.11). She weighed 22lbs10oz. Her head measured at 18" and she was 29" tall. She is taller than about 50% of the children her age and weighs more than 70% of the children her age. She had three shots; we were able to help calm her down afterwards with a sippy cup of water.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

34 Week Belly Shot


Friday, July 29, 2011

Meeting Her Birthfather

On 7.19.11 we met with Baby C's BM and BF. We decided to meet them at the same park that we had met her BM and her maternal birthgrandmother in June (6.24.11).... oh no, I just realized that I had never wrote about that. I need to back-up!
In that past two months, we have had two amazing days with Baby C's birthfamly. We had hoped and wished for this for months.

Since finding out about Baby C around December, we had heard that her birthgrandmother wanted to meet her. On June 24, 2011, the day after we got home from G.tlinburg we met them at a local park. We had been to the park several time this past spring and this summer. This was the first time for us to have a meeting with Baby C's BM outside of the agency and without a SW. On top of that, we were meeting we her mother so we wanted a public location. This was a big step for us.

Unfortunately, it was rainy that day. But, the park had nice shelters. We were able to talk and share pictures. Yes, it was it 'strange' at first, but all the nerves that I had built up weren't worth it. It went so well. At first Baby C was hesitant to for anyone new to hold her, but she did warm-up a little. Her BM brought her a birthday card and a father's day card for my DH. She also brought her several outfits(from T.he P.lace - where she works).

After the rain passed, I was able to wipe off one of the swings. Baby C let us all push her at one point or another.... it was hard to leave, but Baby C was tired and it was cold from the rain.... It was difficult to leave. I wonder if we will see her again soon. We took picture and so did Baby C's birthgrandmother. It makes me hopeful for an ongoing relationship.

On June 19, 2011 (the one year aniversary of us bringing Baby C home), we had our meeting with her BM and BF. When we pulled up, they started to walk towards us. He waved. He shoke my husband's hand. We could tell right away he wasn't a people's-person. He even told us he wasn't. We sat under the shelter and caught up. We knew that their anniversary had been the day before (July 18). Guess what? He proposed to her!

I stared. I looked at what he was wearing. I looked at his hair, his eyes, his clothes and tatoos.

I wanted to know everything about him. We learned that he had worked at a local grocery store recently. One that we shop at regularly. It is very possible that we had met before and never knew it. Crazy, huh?

Baby C showed off her walking. He was able to hold her for a few seconds here and there. Baby C showed them how much she loved to play and drink juice really, really fast. They both pushed her in the swing and he went down the slide with her in his lap.

This time, it was 95+ degrees and I was 33+ pregnant. Our meeting lasted around an hour.

Late that night we got an email from Baby C's BM saying that he was happy about the meeting and he is looking forward to seeing Baby C again. Next time, he may bring his mother.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

34 Week Check-Up

We had our 34 week check-up today. We got there and were able to be seen just a few minutes later. I was also happy to learn that we have made all of our payments for the Dr./Midwife. (They had us on a payment plan since right after the first visit to pay for the Dr./Midwife during delivery. It's an estimate, so if we owe more we will be billed after delivery. Or, we could get a check in the mail if they charged us too much). I like that they do this. I am sure that we will also owe the hospital, so it's nice to get some of the bills out of the way ahead of time.
My sample was fine. My BP was 112/64 and my weight.... well, it's going up. We saw the same Dr. that we had seen at our 32 week-check up. I measured right on track and we got to hear her HB. As always, it was amazing to hear. Last time, he couldn't tell how she was positioned for sure, but this time he said she was head down! At our 30 week appointment, she was head down, but sunny side up. I hope she flips! Baby C was wantign to get on the floor and play; about half-way through the appointment my DH had to take her back out to the waiting room.

He let us ask a million questions. At our next appointment, I will be checked for GBS. If you remember a few weeks back, I had a UTI. They called it at UTI, but really my sample tested postitive for GBS and too much ecoli bacteria. So, I was put on an antibiotic. When I reminded him about it today, he said that we just wouldn't test becuse I would most likely have it. He said it would be treated with penicillin. However, that won't work for me because I am allergic! So, they will be testing me, but the will also be testing for sensitivity for another antibiotic. Most likely I will have it; now they just need to figure out how to treat it other than by using penicillin!

Our next appointment is 8.10.11 at 10 am. It will be our 36 week check-up!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

12 Months

Baby C turned 1 year on 7.16.11
Her one year check-up is next week (7.26). I will post her stats at that point.
We still can't find anything that she doesn't like LOVE to eat.
During the week before her birthday, we started to combine her S.imilac with whole cow milk.
Friday, 7.15, she had her last bottle right before bed and it was cow milk only.
We haven't looked back since!
She now gets milk in the morning when she wakes up and right before bed.
She sometimes want a few ounces before naptime. Other than that, she drinks juice and water.
We have learned that she must be eating when we are
and that still doesn't stop her from wanting what we have.
She hasn't added much to her adult vocabulary yet, but is 'talking' like crazy.
Her walking...well, she is all over the place. She still crawls some.
She can finally stand up by herself without holding onto anything, but still won't do it consistently. That is the only thing holding her back from RUNNING everywhere.
She loves her baby. It was a birthday present from Mommy & Daddy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last Bottle

Friday, 7.15.11, Baby C had her last bottle. So far, so good!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Party Day

 (I was really hot!)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

32 Week Check-Up

Wednesday, 7.13.11, we had our 32 week regular check-up. We got there and got to go back very soon after. After taking care of the basics, the appointment went fairly quickly. Basically, all is well. I am sooo not used to this. Everything is going well. It's just amazing!

I am to continue to taking my M.etformin and BA until the end of the pregnancy. I was happy about this. My one hour glucose test, which I passed, came back so well (112 when they wanted it under 130). My TSH level is doing well also. At my last blood check, my iron level was a little low, but nothing to be too concerned about. The Dr. said that I could take an over-the-counter medicine if I wanted, but didn't think it was a must (especially due to my GI issues from surgeries, meds, etc...). So, for now I won't (plus, I take my prenatal regularly).

I was okayed to go to a wedding two hours away the day before my due date. Hmm... still not sure if I want to do that or not.

I measured right on at 32 weeks, he thought that she was head down (still time for her to flip-flop, etc...) and we heard her precious HB.

It's time for appointments every two weeks! We go back for our 34 regular check-up on 7.27.11.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

32 Week Belly Shot


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How It All Started - Part 3

Posted July 19, 2010
We are now a family of three!

Posted July 31, 2010 (about July 19, 2010)
I am not sure how much I slept Saturday night. I do know that I was up bright and early. We didn’t want to spend all day at the hospital. It’s not that we didn’t want to see Baby C; it was that we were afraid that things were going to fall through. We were to meet our SW at the hospital at 3pm.

Unfortunately, our truck’s AC had been acting up in the days leading up to all of this. We had scheduled a maintenance appointment for 8am this day. We decided to not cancel. How could we bring a baby home with AC that was messed up? DH had tried to call the service center Saturday and Sunday, but they were closed. We were afraid to take the truck in because we would be stuck driving mine (my car has no AC at all). So, at 8am my DH called the center and told them that we still wanted to bring the truck in but had to have a rental that could fit a car seat. Needless to say a couple of hours later my DH pulled in our driveway with a 2010 Y.ukon that was fully loaded. Sweet!

The week before, we had also scheduled our two puppies for their yearly shots. Again, we didn’t want to cancel. To prepare, I gave the puppies a bath. When my DH got home, we loaded up to head to the appointment. The littlest had an accident in the office and both wanted to sit on the benches with us while we wanted. It was cute. The vet we go to is a family friend. The appointment probably lasted longer than normal due to all of the small talk. I know, he didn’t know that our lives were about to change in a big way and that we were nervous and in a hurry.

We then headed back home to finish getting things ready. I packed our diaper bag and we grabbed our video and still cameras (which we made sure were charged). We installed the car seat and the seat protector (that went…well, we got it in). Then, we finally hit the road.

I can’t remember at this point what we ate for breakfast or if we even did. At this point, that is not what matters most. I do remember still wanting a BIG bow for Baby C. We stopped at M.eijer to see what we could find. We didn’t have any luck.

We then proceeded to head to the hospital. We had been parking in a parking garage the days prior, but the rental truck was too tall to park there. Trust me, we tried. I was afraid that we were going to make the rental truck in to a convertible. So, we found a nearby parking lot that ended up also being free after validating our ticket. As we were parking, we noticed a gentleman filling up his gas tank. Had he ran out? Nope, that didn’t do the trick. We were in a rental, we didn’t have jumper cables. As we crossed the street, the gentleman yelled for us. We were parked close to him and another gentleman (who was parked outside of the lot) had offered his cables for us to use. DH looked at me; we couldn’t say no. So, as my DH moved the rental and helped, I stood in the parking lot holding my purse, the diaper bag, the cameras and the car seat. And, it was hot out! But, we felt like we did the right thing by stopping to help out. Wuldn’t you want someone to help you if this happened to you?

Once we walked into the hospital lobby, we went into the gift shop. The day before I had noticed that they had bows for sale. They were little bows, but I thought that the headband would be small enough for Baby C. We also got something to drink. After a quick potty break, we decided to wait in the lobby. During all of our conversations with our SW, the day before and that day, we never said where we were going to meet. Around 3pm I texted our SW saying that we were in the lobby. It took her a while to text back. She told us to wait there. It made us nervous that it took her a while and that her response was one word. Was something not going as planned? I tried to not let my mind go to crazy places by people watching.

A couple of minutes later she arrived. She had a smile on her face. It took her a while to text us because she was driving and then she had a shake/ice cream to finish before coming in.

We got our parking tickets validated and headed up to the third floor. We scrubbed our hands and met up with the hospital’s SW. We were placed in a small conference room. It was dim and the lamps were bolted to the center of the tables. We had one pen between the four of us (there was student SW there with our SW). We barely had any hard surfaces to write on.

We had to sign a ton of paperwork. Our SW had to read everything to us. We had to sign two of everything. One copy of the documents would be the agency’s and the other would be ours. Our SW kept telling us that there were two pieces that we couldn’t sign until we got the call from the other SW. Our BM was supposed to show up at the agency’s office between a certain time frame to sign her final pieces of paperwork.

I kid you not; our SW’s phone rang a million times. She received calls and messages about other cases. The student SW had to call before she got there to see where we were. Her phone even locked up. She had to take the battery out to fix it. She has one of those s.martphones were you have to enter a password each and every time you want to use it. OMGoodness, it made us so nervous every time we had to pause because of her phone! At one point, we did get word that our BM had gotten lost going to the agency.

We had gotten to the point where all that we had left was the final pieces of paperwork. Our SW had even signed the paperwork that the hospital required. Right then, her phone rang. Our BM had signed. We lost it! I looked up at the clock; it was 4:40pm. Our SW read the last of the paperwork to us and then we signed.

It was time to go met our daughter, Baby C.
Posted August 3, 2010 (about July 19, 2010)
We left the conference room and headed for the area in which Baby C was being kept. She was so peaceful. I didn’t want to wake her. But, I wanted to kiss her all over. I’ll be truthful, I hadn’t kissed her up until this point. I was afraid to. The next few moments are blurry to me. The area in which she was being kept had gotten pretty busy with more babies. Therefore, there were more family members and more nurses.

Within seconds of us walking in, the discharge routine was started. She was taken away to get her hearing test. She passed with flying colors.

One of the nurses asked us for the details of her first pediatrician’s appointment. What? We didn’t have one. They told us we needed one in order for Baby C to be discharged. Luckily, I had a practice in mind. I stepped out to call, but they had already closed for the day. Thankfully, the nurses understood our situation and simply put in Baby C’s file the name of the practice. They said that they would call us the next day for the details, but they never did.

We changed Baby C’s diaper and were able to change into her “coming home outfit” her for the ride home. What I had originally picked out, the blue dress-like outfit, didn’t fit. It was too big! So, she came home in a flowered zip-up sleeper (preemie size) and the hat in which we originally saw her in.

The nurses we amazing to us. We left the hospital with a ton of formula, diapers, dry wipes and soothies. One of the “Blanket Brigade” members happened to be around when we were being discharged; she sent us home with two blankets, a burp cloth, changing cloth and another hat. I also got a nice Si.milac bag.

DH left to pull the car around. We had received so much that I sent it down with him. While he was gone, I had to put Baby C in her car seat for the first time. She wasn’t too happy. But, I was actually happy to hear her cry; she had barely cried the first two days. Then, a nurse escorted us (the SW also) downstairs. Baby C cried most of the way. I felt so awkward trying to carry everything and trying to sooth her with her pacifier.

When we got downstairs, DH was waiting for us. After a few hugs, we were on our way. Of course, I sat in the back with her. I guess I started to feel a sense of relief on the way home because my stomach started growling. I was hungry! We stopped at Mc.Donalds. DH went in to get our food while Baby C and I waited in the car. She got a little fussy as we waited (probably because I started taking pictures). I have never eaten so fast before. Mickey D’s has never tasted so good either.

Then entire ride home, we talked about how we were going to tell everyone. We got home around 6pm and had to change two diapers within minutes of walking in the door. It was time to let our family in on our secret. We set up the video camera to capture our side of the conversations. DH called his Dad, Mom, brother and brother’s girlfriend first. They had just grilled steaks, but once they heard we wanted them to comer over, they left dinner behind. He also called his other brother, sister-in-law and their children. They too came right over. While we were waiting for them, I called my sister (that lives near us). She was at work (she is working for the C.ensus). She said she would get to the house as soon as possible.

I want to remind you that they knew nothing. My sister knew something was up since I had ditched her Saturday morning. But, we had been pretty much ignoring everyone since we had received the call.

As we waited, we got our gum cigars and pink angel bow ready. DH had purchased these on his way down to bring the car around. We also set up our video camera. It seems like it took everyone forever to get to our house. DH’s family showed up at the same time. As they were walking up, I pushed the record button. Our hearts raced. Our lives had already been changed and now it was their turn.

As they came in the front door, DH handed everyone one of the cigars and I held Baby C where they could see her. The reactions were priceless. Tears flowed and emotions were let loose. Smiles were plastered on all of our faces.

A little while later, we did the same thing when my sister and her daughter arrived. Again, words cannot explain these moments.

We told them what we could about the adoption, but mostly we focused on Baby C. Her name, weight, length, eyes, skin tone, etc... were all topics of conversation. Everyone wanted their chance to hold her. Eventually, my sister went back to her house and brought back a bouncy seat and play yard. Around 9pm, we set up the camera again and called my other sister and my brother. They too were in complete shock.

Our family then had to leave, they had jobs to get back to the next day. It had been a long day for Baby C. It had been a whirlwind of a weekend for us. It was time for our first night as a family of three.

Monday, July 18, 2011

How It All Started - Part 2

Posted July 18, 2010No words can explain how we feel.
We have been told to stay grounded.
How in the world do they expect us to do that?
We are trying so hard to be realistic, yet optimistic.
Less than 24 hours from now our house could get a little more crowded.
No one knows yet, but you.
It's so hard to keep a secret; especially a secret like this.

Posted July 26, 2010 (about July 18, 2010)We woke up Sunday having little or no sleep. I can’t remember if we had breakfast or not anywhere. If we did, I assure you that I didn’t eat much. We headed straight to the hospital. Our plan was to spend time there, but not all day. We had talked with our SW about that. We wanted to see her so badly, but were so scared of what could or could not happen in the hours to come.

When I saw her Sunday, she was even more precious than the day before. We knew that we had to call our SW soon with her name. That morning we were still pondering, but had continually narrowed it down. Once we were at the hospital and able to hold her, it just clicked. We knew that we had figured out what she was to be called. We texted our SW. She said, “Great name!” She then contacted the Records Department at the hospital. From then on, we started calling her by her name. It started feeling more and more real…and like it could actually happen.

After a few hours, we left the hospital on a mission. We needed something to bring her home in. It’s tough find preemie cloths; especially something other than a sleeper. We went store to store and finally found something at Sear’s. It was hard for me to purchase something. I only wanted to buy one outfit, but DH insisted on two. We also spotted a bedding set and wall d├ęcor that we absolutely loved at BRU. Again, DH wanted to buy it, but I just couldn’t dare. At T.arget I found a NB dress and bloomers that I thought may fit; it was too cute to resist. Even though we looked everywhere, I couldn’t find any bows. I wanted a BIG bow. Buy everything I found was to big in the headband or way too small in the bow. We tried to eat lunch at G.old S.tar in the mall, but that didn’t settle to well with me.

We decided it was time to head back to the hospital. On our way in, my phone rang. It was our SW. She reassured me that everything was o.k. Another SW had just met with Baby C’s BFamily to get the BD’s history. The meeting had gone as planned. Another hurdle had been met. That’s another reason we left the hospital that afternoon. I was so afraid that we would get a phone call that they had changed their mind while we were there with Baby C. But, that didn’t happen. That phone call allowed me to breathe, but only a little.

We proceeded to go upstairs to spend more time with Baby C. A few hours passed and reality really started to settle in. We had nothing but a car seat/stroller combo and a few outfits. We left the hospital around 5ish and headed back to BRU to make a registery as a list. DH was in charge of the registery gun. He had fun. I pointed, he registered away. The gentleman from the night before was there again. He was so helpful. We bought a few more things ourselves including a sippie cup with her name (I know, that’s a while away). He gave us an expired coupon to use and said that cashier would honor it. Sure enough, another act of kindness. I am sure that we got dinner somewhere on the way home, but I can’t remember where. I knew that I wouldn’t be cooking anytime soon.

When we got home, we completed a few more things around the house. The night before, I had remembered that I had bought a diaper bag at the V.era B.radley outlet sale a few years back. I pulled it out from under our bed and threw it in the washer.

Sunday night, I did a load of baby laundry for the first time. It smelled soooo good. I couldn’t wait to pack the diaper bag. I would save that for Monday.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How It All Started - Part 1

Posted July 17, 2010 (1 day after Baby C's Birthday)My phone rang a little before 10am.
My DH took THE CALL at first.
Then we put her on speaker.
Our hearts were, still are, beating out of our chests.
Today our lives have changed forever. No matter what happens in the days to come.
At 1:15pm today, I held a baby that could be ours forever.
Tomorrow, we get to visit again.
More details to follow.
Now, we wait until Monday.
Pray for us. Pray for the birth family. Pray for the little one.

Posted July 22, 2010 (about July 17, 2010)
Saturday started off interesting. My DH was still upset with our oldest puppy, CHI. Friday night; I had caught her chewing on my DH’s night mouth guard. Then, he realized that his retainer was also missing. Sure enough, CHI had broken it! Needless to say, my DH was upset and wasn’t on talking terms with CHI even on Saturday morning. I even told my DH that it was partly his fault since he had left it out. I asked him, “What are you going to do when we have children?”

We had plans to attend a festival that our community hosts annually. I was going to go watch the bike/wagon parade and was to later on help out with the cake walk. At 10:27am I posted a status on F.acebook. I then went to take a shower. I always take my phone with me to the shower. Except for some reason, I didn’t Saturday. Someone in the family texted my phone and my DH checked to see what it said. Then, at 10:34am, my phone rang. It came up as Private Number. He answered the call. One moment I was in the bathtub and then next thing I know I heard a knock on the door. I said, “What do you want?” He said, “It’s ******** (the director of our agency).” I have never gotten out of the shower so fast. I grabbed a towel and out I went. We put her on speaker phone. She asked us if we were sitting down. So, we said that we could. She then proceeded to tell us that we had been matched. We were elated. And, the next thing she said rocked our world even more… the baby had been born the day before. The next 27 minutes and 45 seconds were spent discussing the ends and outs of the match. We knew that this was IT for us!

She asked when we could get to the hospital since the BFamily wanted us to take care of Baby C while she was in the hospital. We said that we would love to even though we knew that there were risks involved. All that I can say is that the BFamily hadn’t worked with our agency until Baby C was already born. The rest is our Baby’s story and we want to keep that to ourselves. This match seems like it was destiny!

We were in total shock. We still are. We finished getting ready and tried to call my sister to try to tell her that I would not be able to help her that day. She didn’t answer. We gathered our cameras and went to find my sister. Of course, she was busy working with the children at the festival. We pulled her to the side and simply said, “I won’t be able to help you out today at the cake walk. We are on the way to hospital…for a good reason!” We then ran off!

Of course we hadn’t eaten yet and we needed gas (K.roger). At the gas station, we got another call from the agency. We knew that the BFamily wanted to leave the hospital against the doctor’s orders and the BM wanted to meet us. Needless to say, we got the hospital pretty fast and I didn’t eat much of the lunch that we had just purchased (W.endy’s). Once we got closer to the hospital, the phone rang again. It was our SW asking how close we were (we were in the parking garage). We meet our SW where she tried to calm our nerves. We got our parking passes verified and then took the elevators to the 3rd floor. Before seeing Baby C, we had to wash our hands. That was a learning experience in itself. When we finished washing our hands, we turned around …. There stood Baby C’s BM. She recognized us. She was brief. She wanted us to name Baby C. We thanked her over and over again. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to hug her. The SW tried to help us all talk. Baby C’s BM asked me not to cry, I didn’t. As quickly as the conversation started, it ended and she left. We had to get banded before we saw Baby C. Our SW had to take care of some things in order to do that. That’s when I lost it. I had just met the BM of my daughter.

Posted July 24, 2010 (about July 17, 2010)
… After pulling ourselves together (the best that we could), it was time to meet Baby C. As soon as we walked into the area in which she was being kept, I saw her precious face. She was lying in her bed with her head facing towards us. Her eyes were closed and she had on the most precious hat. I could tell that they hat must have been made by volunteers. We were introduced as the adoptive parents and then identifying information was moved. Chairs were repositioned and within a few moments I got to hold Baby C for the first time (1:15pm, I looked at the nearest clock). She was so tiny and content. She smelled…like a baby. DH also got to hold her. The SW reminded us that it would be nice to take pictures. She didn’t even flinch. We then took turns holding her. We got to change her and feed her. Her little diapers were so cute; she had on P.ampers, preemie size. We even had to fold them down. That day’s feeding went slow. We weren’t completely sure of what to do and she was so tired that it took a while for her to finish.

Before the SW left, she was going to check with the clerk to make sure everything was good as far as us checking in and out, etc… The SW came back in and told us that they had just gotten a call from the Records Department; they wanted her name. We had no clue! Luckily, our SW was able to work it out so that we could have that evening to ponder over her name, but we had to get back to her early Sunday morning so that she could then call the Records Department.

Around 6pm, we decided to leave the hospital. We were hungry. We needed a car seat. And, we needed a name. I swear we walked around in a complete daze that evening. We went back and forth between being completely in shock, to pure nervous, to optimistic, to pessimistic, to scared… our emotions were everywhere. The first stop that we made was B.abies R U.S. Our SW said that we could borrow someone’s car seat that we knew or that she could dig one out that she has for situation such as ours. She also said that the baby could even sleep in one until we figure out something different. She also warned us that they more people we tell…the more people would have to tell if things did not work out. We decided to not tell anyone. So, we entered BRU on a mission. I felt lost. I wanted something perfect. I wanted something that I had time to research. But, I needed something right then. I needed whatever I could find. The gentlemen that helped us was terrific. HE asked us, “When do you need this?” I thought to myself, ‘we needed this like yesterday.’ He noticed our hospital bands and DH and I just laughed. He probably thought we left our newly born baby at the hospital to come and shop because we were so unprepared. Were we one of those cases where the woman didn’t know she was pregnant? Finally, I just told him what was up. His demeanor changed. His face lit up. He had a friend that had adopted, but that had a rough time with it. He said something to point of, “I gotta figure out something for you.” The next thing we knew we were offered a $300 set (stroller, cars eat & base) for $75. We couldn’t pass up that deal. It was also unisex. We told him that if everything worked out, that we would be back Sunday.

We then went to B.orders to pick up a book of baby names. I also found a cute, unisex, baby journal. And, DH found a fantasy football magazine. At the register, nothing was really said between us and the cashier, but when she rang us out she randomly have us 20% off of the baby journal. That made us smile.

We then went to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise. I barely ate. We looked through the baby name book over and over again. Some names we instantly threw out and others sounded pretty good. Eventually, we had narrowed down our list. We were able to come up with the middle names first. Yes, she has two middle names. My sister and I both do. And, both of the middle names are based on family names. I think that it was so tough to come up with a first name because we were so set on the middle names.

The car ride home was just like that car ride there and rides to and from the stores. Have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered how you got there? That was us Saturday, Sunday and still today for us. When we got home, we started to clean out the room that is to be the nursery; it had been used as a catch all room. We cleaned up a little around the house and tried to get some sleep. My heart was anxious.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Baby C is Turning 1

Saturday, Baby C turns 1! Her party is this evening and we have a special day planned for Saturday. We will post pictures soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


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