Thursday, July 21, 2011

32 Week Check-Up

Wednesday, 7.13.11, we had our 32 week regular check-up. We got there and got to go back very soon after. After taking care of the basics, the appointment went fairly quickly. Basically, all is well. I am sooo not used to this. Everything is going well. It's just amazing!

I am to continue to taking my M.etformin and BA until the end of the pregnancy. I was happy about this. My one hour glucose test, which I passed, came back so well (112 when they wanted it under 130). My TSH level is doing well also. At my last blood check, my iron level was a little low, but nothing to be too concerned about. The Dr. said that I could take an over-the-counter medicine if I wanted, but didn't think it was a must (especially due to my GI issues from surgeries, meds, etc...). So, for now I won't (plus, I take my prenatal regularly).

I was okayed to go to a wedding two hours away the day before my due date. Hmm... still not sure if I want to do that or not.

I measured right on at 32 weeks, he thought that she was head down (still time for her to flip-flop, etc...) and we heard her precious HB.

It's time for appointments every two weeks! We go back for our 34 regular check-up on 7.27.11.



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