Thursday, March 31, 2011

First September Blessing Purchase

I really wanted to start looking for stuff for our September Blessing at the Mother's Sales that we went to last week and will be going to for the next few weekends. I love me some good deals! And, I don't mind my little ones using gently used things, but I wanted the first purchase for our September Blessing to be new. This is what we picked up Saturday (3.19).

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Midwife Appointment

On our way to the appointment, I got a call from a private number. It was the midwife. She said that she had some cancellations and that I could come on in. (I was afraid that she was called out on an emergency or something.) I told her that we were already on the way, but that it would still be about 25 minutes. We ended up getting there around 3:50pm. Our appointment was at 4:00pm.

After signing in and filling out some paperwork, they took me right back. I went through the usual pre-visit routine (vitals, etc...). The nurse then asked if I wanted the next set of genetic testing completed. After agreeing, she tried to take my blood. She didn't have luck. Let me tell you, it's going to be BRUISED tomorrow.

The midwife then came in and since she had not met us yet she asked a ton of questions. I wasn't annoyed; I found it very reassuring. I asked her about golfing. She told me no : ( . I asked her thoughts about deli meat and she said perhaps I could just microwave it before eating. Then, she decided to use the doppler. She started up near my belly and kept moving it around, but couldn't find the Baby's heartbeat. She tried for 45 seconds or so. She decided to take a quick look with the ultrasound. (* I wasn't too worried, I had just used my doppler this morning and I found the heartbeat. I knew that she was trying up too high, but I wasn't going to say anything when she decided to do a quick ultrasound : ) . As soon a she turned it on, there was our September Blessing! Due to angle and lighting, I was having a hard time seeing the screen. But, my DH and Baby C were close by. I could see the Baby's head and spinal cord. I could also see their arms and legs moving like crazy. At one point, she said the Baby was waving! She said there was no problem; she saw the hearbeat right away.

She decided to use the doppler again since she had a better idea of where the Baby was. Still no luck! So, she turned on the ultrasound again for another peek. Still good! She just said that the Baby was hiding and being tricky.

She also made a gender guess based on that (no we didn't peek). Her guess was the same as the midwife and student at the last appointment.

*She also made a note in my chart. NO AMOXIL for me EVER AGAIN! We also got a great bag of samples, magazines, a pregnancy journal, etc...

She then drew my blood for the testing from my other arm. She had a difficult time also, but manage to get some after a little wiggling.

My next appointment is 4.20.11 at 2:00pm for our anatomy scan. At this point we can find out gender if we decided to do so. At 2:15pm the same day we are scheduled four our 20 week check-up. We have decided to take off work that day to celebrate!

2nd Midwife Appointment

Our appointment is at 4pm. (est). I will update as soon as I can. Keep us in your thoughts!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty Face

My DH took these pictures one day while we were all playing in her room.

Monday, March 28, 2011

8 Months

On 3.16 Baby C turned 8 months old! I can't believe how fast she is growing. She is now wearing 6-9 & 9 months clothes. She rolls like crazy, loves her walker and jumperoo and has been army crawling for about three weeks now. A few days ago, she learned to clap and she has 5 teeth total!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

ER Visit - Allergic RXN to Amoxil

Everything is ok with the little one!

I have been on amoxicillin since Friday (3.18 for a sinus infection). My last dose was supposed to be Tuesday. Last night, I started noticing that my armpits and back of my arms were itching. I finally looked at it an noticed it was very red, blotchy, raised up, etc... I had a little area on my chest also. I didn't have any problems sleeping, breathing, etc...

I woke up this morning. It was ALL over. Even my face. It was also much more red and 3x as itchy. I used Dr. G.oogle and freaked out!

I decided to call the on call nurse who then paged the on called midwife. She called back shortly after. We discussed how amoxil seemed to be the only thing new, but she wanted to make sure that's what it was. She told me to go to the local urgent care.
Well, of course, it was closed. So we went to the ER. I was in and out within an hour and fifteen minutes. But, I am glad that we got there when we did. It got very busy, very quickly. My temperature was a little elevated compared to what it normally is, but all of my other vitals checked out. The Dr. aggreed that it probably was the amoxil.

After getting a does of 50mg of benadryl, 40mg of pepcid and 80mg of P.rednisone (shot). I was sent home.

I sent my DH in to get my medications. I could have gotten it through the pharmacy, but since both of them can also be bough over the counter that's what we did. (The wait time at that pharmacy can be crazy long!) Plus, I wasn't going in anywhere like this! I even had looks in the waiting room.

It's undescribable how I look. Here I am 6 hours later. I 'think' it looks a litttle better. I just took my next dose of benadryl. I am to continue my meds for at least 2 days no matter what and longer if needed. I am to follow up with my OB or midwife. I have an appointment Wednesday anyway! Thank goodness.

By the way, he felt on my stomach... he said at 20 weeks the baby should be at the belly button and he said I am where I should be! I was secretly hoping for a doppler check and/or ultrasound!

Note to self: NO MORE AMOXIL FOR ME!

Baby C's First Sickness

Baby C had a stuffy/runny nose for a week or so. I thought she was getting better. Then, it came back, even worse. Last Wednesday and Thursday she woke up early and not her usual happy self. She has had no fever, she hadn't been pulling her ears, no real problems getting her to other signs. Although , Id did notice that after her naps Wednesday and Thursday she has green sleepy naps. Thursday (3.17) after work we took her to her ped. She had a double ear infection and sinus infection. She is on baby style amoxicillin, over the counter b.enadryl and a.dvil at night.

Friday, both DH and I were also DX with sinus infections. What a fun couple of days!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mother's Sales

The Mother's Sales season has started back up. I discovered one last fall on a local website. I went to one and heard about another and so on. Well, it's now time for the spring sales. We left bright an early this past Saturday morning. We got to the first one around 7:30am. It didn't start until 8am, but the line was LONG. We met K, our friend who also adopted through our agency, at the sale. She then took us to another sale. On the way between the two, we passed two other rumage sales. After the last one, she took us to her house to meet up with her DH and little boy. There, we told them our news about being pregnant. They were estatic! She and I then went to a consignment boutique that was having a 'stuff your bag sale.' I even found a pair of maternity shorts there for $4.99! We grab lunch and took it back to their house. It was an amazing, but exhausting morning and afternoon.

All in all, I found tons of great deals. I don't feel like I came home with as much as I did at some of the fall sales, but I found some really great deals on Gymbo, G.ap and so on. So, some of the outfits were $4 and $5 instead of the others that were under that. Of  course, I found so cute toys and great books too!

More sales this weekend! Have you checked out your local paper, websites, etc... for sales like this near you?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

T & P Please

Please keep Baby C's BM in your thoughts today. She is having surgery on her foot to remove the cancerous bumps.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mommy's Lucky Charm

Baby C's St. Patrick's Day wear! (Don't mind her nose, she has a sinus infection!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Foods

On Baby C's 8 month birthday, we let her try news foods. She is starting to get really good at early the puffs and yogurt bites. In the past few weeks, she has also been trying lots of combo foods. We haven't found anything that she won't eat!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Happenings

So sorry for my abesnce. There is sooo much going on:
- I should be working on my graduate class that started 1.24, but I haven't even started. This is so unlike me. This class goes until 12.11 and has no due dates. Grrr, I really need to get my butt in gear. My motiviation has left and exhaustion has set in (but, it's getting much better).
- We have to have yet another home visit in the next fews weeks. This time, a SW doing her externship will be completing it since our SW will just be getting home grom G.reece. Fine, we just want it to be over with. I hope that she doesn't get lost on her way out.
- I am fed up with paying the agency $54 for every visit. They says it's for milage. But, don't you normally just pay for milage that's over the given amount (50 miles). We are right at 50 miles, maybe a couple over depending on which back roads they take. But, it's fine. Baby C is totally worth it!
- Still no finalization date! I contacted our lawyer's office a little over a week ago. They didn't have the date so she called the clerk of courts. Basically, the clerk told her to tell us to be patient. AGH! I had better hear from them this week. Or, I may just go crazy!
- Not this past Wednesday, but the Wednesday before, we heard that Baby C's BM had dropped off an outfit at the agency. The SW is just going to bring it with her during the next visit.
- Thursday night, we talked to our SW and told her that we are pregnant. She actually guessed it before we could get it out! She seemed to be very, very happy for us.
- Right after we got off of the phone with our SW, she called us back. She wanted to tell us that the bumps on Baby C's BM foot came back as CANCEROUS! At our last visit together, she had told us about them and that she was going ot have surgery to remove them. But, since then the biopsy came back. Her surgery is 3.24. Please keep her in your thoughts! We plan to send an email and card.
- I didn't take my morning Z.ofran yesterday. Felt icky at some points. But, I did end up taking one before bed. I made it until this afternoon without one, but I paid for it. The m/s is getting better, but still there. It's totally worth it though.
- We  bought a doppler off a E.bay a couple of Saturdays ago. It was here that Monday! Talk about great customer service. It has been great to have around!
- I am so excited. Next Saturday starts the marthon of mother exchanges coming up. I found out about these last fall and now all of the spring ones are coming up. So, I am preparing for a busy, busy couple of Saturdays.
- Our next appointment for our September Blessing is 3.30. I will be meeting with another midwife and we will get to schedule our anatomy scan at that point!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

F.isher P.rice Giveaway

If you haven't been entering, start now! I did!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just For My Record

Just dates I wanted to record:

6.28.10 - Faxed Information to the Immunologist

7.1.10 - Set-up appointment w/ Immunologist
7.8.10 - D&C Follow-Up Appointment
7.19.10 - Found Out Results from D&C, Angel Baby had 45X Chromosomes
7.22.10 - Appointment w/ Dr. (cancelled)
8.9.10 - Informed RE of Baby C!
8.9.10 - Restarted Metformin & Synthroid
8.25.10 - Bloodwork (TSH & T4)
8.31.10 - Bloodwork Results (TSH-1.88 & T4-9.1)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1st Appointment W/ A Midwife

As soon as we got home from work and picked up Baby C Tuesday, it was time to leave for our appointment.

The practice we are going to uses OB-GYNs and midwives. They want us to try an see as many of them as possible because we never know who will be at delivery. The office is also a 'practicing office.' So, there will be many times where students are in the appointments and even helping to run them. I am accustomed to that becaused our RE's office is the same way.

They were absolutedly wonderful! They took their time and went over our history with us well. It even seems like the midwife was supportive of us continuing the M.etformin as long as possible. Our NT bw came back great. Although, she didn't give me the risk number(s), but I don't really care as long as they were good. And, of course, Baby C's story came up. (The midwife even asked to hold Baby C before we left.)

At one point, they almost had me in tears. It was in a good way though. They told me that's it's time to start enjoying this pregnancy.

One of the students went to use the doppler. She and the midwife warned me that she had been having a hard time finding the " little babies' " heartbeats recently. So, they warned me not to get nervous. But, after just a few times of trying there it was! I think that the student was just as excited as we were. Even though we have heard the heartbeat several times, we have never gotten a measurement before. So, I asked. The Baby's FHR was around 150bpm.

We now go back in four weeks (3.30.11) and are scheduled to see the other midwife. From there, we will then have our next/last ultrasound at 20 weeks. If we choose, that is when we will find out gender. Of course, we could always book an elective gender scan for earlier and 3d/4d scan later.

For several weeks now, I have be going by my last scan that my RE completed so I would have been 12w3d today. But, based on my NT scan and LMP not being too far off, the midwife is offically dating me by my LMP! I just gained a week! I am offically 13w3d and out of the 1st trimester! Our EDD is 9.4.11!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All is Well

I will post an update about our appointment tomorrow evening. All is well though!


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