Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fert. Report, Day 3

The call came early again yesterday! She said that at this stage they like the embryos to be 6-8 cells. Again, they graded the embryos on a 1-4 scale, 1 being the best.

6 from group 1...
1 was graded 1.0 (morula stage)
4 were graded 1.5 (3 early morula stage and 1-7 cell)
1 was graded 2.0 (6 cell) (She said it was graded a 2.0 because it had a little more fragmentation than the others)
2 from group 2...
both graded 1.5 (1 early morula stage and 1-12 cell)
I still have my 8 little embies going strong!
She said, "We will call you Wednesday with an update and transfer will be Thursday." I was taken back for a moment. I had been set on Wednesday for the transfer. That would have been a 5dt (five day transfer). She told me not to worry, "it's not a bad thing." I can't believe I am in the tww (two week wait- the time between ovulation and finding out if your preggos or not) and they embies haven't even been transferred yet. It's kind of strange to think about that.
To help pass time, DH & I decided to go to the Cincinnati Museum Center to see the Dinosaur exhibit and Omnimax show. We stopped at O.Charley's on the way for lunch. I didn't know DH had never been to see an Omnimax show. It was great "doing another first" with him. At points, just being in the room made us dizzy, but it was worth the experience. The exhibit was short, but very informative. We got through this part of our day pretty quick. So, we decided to make our trip to the city well worth it; we went to the Cincinnati Zoo. We had a blast!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I probably seem .... well, never mind. I woke up this morning tired, bloated and wondering. I was wondering... "will I get a call today?" "if I get a call today, is that a good thing?" "how are my embies doing?" "do I have more embies today than I had yesterday or less?" After thinking things over yesterday, I did start to realize that 6 was an o.k number. I have read some stories where people have a lot less to work with, if any at all. So, I am one up on them. Is that horrible to say?

I decided pretty quickly this morning that I didn't want to lounge around the house all day. My nerves couldn't take it anymore! After DH injected my PIO, I took my daily morning meds. and we took a short walk with the puppies I decided to go ahead and shower. Not too long afterwards, my phone rang. It was from the clinic. First of all, I was happy to see that they were calling. Second of all, I was happy they called earlier in the day (9:30am).

I didn't recognize the lady that called today. I think she must actually work in the embryology lab by the way she was talking. So here's the report:

Of the 6 that were doing well yesterday...
4 were graded 1.5 (3-4 cell & 1-2 cell)
2 were graded 2.0 (both 4 cell)
(She said, "these were doing what they were supposed to!")
Of the 7 that were developing slowly yesterday...
5 were discarded (I believe the lady who called this morning said the pronuclei never developed) : (
2 were graded 1.5 (both 4 cell) : )

As of this AM, I now have 8 embies in the running! I know that this number can always change. And, I know that the grades can change. But, my mood...or should I say HOPE has taken a turn for the better. She told me that they would call me tomorrow with another update. I guess that means ET is on for Wednesday, a 5dt, if all continues to go well. If we were transferring tomorrow, a 3dt, I would have heard from the nurse about times and procedures.

Now, I wait... some more! Today, to take up sometime, DH & I went to the flea market (actually found a few good buys), I K E A (having a great SALE) and then to M.eijer (24pk pop for 3.99). It was a great time out! Later tonight, we may go to the FireWorks put on by the local town.

I can't wait to hear from the clinic tomorrow!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

And there it went . . . .

So, all that hope I had yesterday, it's gone! I woke DH up early this morning. We had our first PIO shot to complete. I had been making a big deal out of nothing. It wasn't bad at all. We will have to wait to see what tomorrow will bring. (Will my cheek be sore?) : ) Then, I waited. DH asleep on the couch after a long night of cat fishing. I waited. I watched TV and checked my daily websites. I waited. I ate breakfast; I had pizza from the night before. I waited. They said I would get the call by 12, noon. I waited. Then, at 11am the phone rang.

The nurse said that out of the those we retrieved 16 were mature. I was o.k. with that. I wouldn't have minded more of course. But, then came the unsettling news. Out of those 16, 6 fertilized with ICSI and were quote, "doing what they should be." Three of the 16 disintegrated. Then, the remaining 7, that's a different story. The embryologist said that they were developing slowly. From my understanding, they hadn't even fertilized them yet. I am not too sure. He was going to come in this afternoon and try to fertilize them. The nurse said, "if there are anything changes we will call you this afternoon."

I immediately hung up then phone and balled my eyes out. I wanted more. I didn't ask the questions I should have. I didn't really understand what was going on with the 7 other eggs. I didn't ask what she thought about the 6 that were 'good.' I didn't ask them when they were going to call back if the was no development in the 7 others. I didn't ask the questions I should have.

Now, I sit here waiting. There have been no more calls. Should I expect a call tomorrow? Will it be good news if they do call? Or, will the call not come until Monday? I really don't know if I can wait that long. I was thinking of calling them tomorrow if I haven't heard from them by 12, noon.

I was so ecstatic yesterday when I heard we got 22 eggs. My hope had returned. Now, a short 24 hours later that hope that had found me .... is now gone. I need to find that hope. I need to be strong. Even if none of the 7 others fertilize and develop as they should, I have 6 others that are doing what they should (at least they were as of this morning). I need to remember, it only takes one and I potentially have 6 to work with.

I need to find my hope once more . . . .

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Hope.... Back?!?!

Today, was the day! Well, one of the big days. It started at 4:40am. That's when my alarm went off. Not that I could sleep anyway. My mind was going crazy. My stomach was going crazy. The weather was going crazy. I think I have been running on nerves today. That's o.k., because today was great!

We got to the clinic around 6:30. We were a few minutes early even with my 2 trips to the BR (again, my nerves). The nurse met us shortly thereafter. She immediately took both of us back to the recovery room. Of course, I had never been in this section of the clinic before. It was like a whole other world. After changing, we got the basics completed: intros, IV, antibiotic drip, wrist band, getting cosy, forms, etc... Around 7:30, the nurse anesthetist got there. She asked a few questions. Then, I got my first dose of 'crazy' medicine. I immediately told DH, "You'd better give me a kiss now!" I was feeling.... out of it! Then, it was time! I was wheeled back into the OR and DH went to the waiting room. I remember them getting me ready and someone telling me that their we injecting the other medicine. And that's about all I remember! (expect for the MJ music that was playing...)

I woke up in the recovery room. I immediately asked how many? How many eggs did we get? the nurse said, "22, a few more than was showing up on your ultrasounds." I was ecstatic! I was hoping for at least 15. I know, it's quality not quantity. But, 22 is a good number.... like Dr. T said.... not TOO many, not TOO few!

I wasn't in much pain at all. Dr. T came in to talk to me. She told me again that they got 22. She was also able to drain the cyst I have had since I have been seeing her. I was happy to hear that since she wasn't able to even find that cyst during my LAP procedure. She also told me the the fluid we saw earlier in the week was NOT draining into my uterus! That was great to hear!

At some point, DH did his duty and he also got to speak with Dr. T.

I wasn't in recovery too long. After some S. Mist and Saltines, Percocet, Tylenol and changing, I was on my way home. I felt like such a goofball being wheeled out in a wheelchair. DH meet us at the front door of the building. I was hungry. We ate a Perkins! We hadn't been there in a while. We also went to Dick's and Bed, Bath & Beyond to get my anniversary present, a hammock with a stand. We also stopped at Wally World to get some outside pillows to go with my new outside addition. DH also picked up some fishing gear.

After a nap, I sit here writing this. I am writing this with a renewed hope. Even if the fluid isn't gone, I happy to hear that it's not leaking into my uterus. I am happy we have 22 eggs to work with. And, I am happy that the pesky cyst that has been annoying us for months is now gone (although, it could come back).

I can't wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, before 12 noon, we should get a call telling us how many were normal and how many fertilized. I am hoping again for 15. That's a good number.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where did my hope go?

I went back to the RE yesterday. We kind of had the idea from Sunday's appointment that I would be stimming one more night. Sure enough, we will be. That's o.k. I would rather do it one more night; that way we get more eggs and more eggs of better quality. Yes, I would have loved to have triggered last night. But, today will be just as good.

Tuesday's RE appointment -
Lining great! Load of follies on both sides! E2 2394! One problem...... on the side where my 'bad' tube is, my RE spotted some fluid at the end of the tube. It seems as though that tube has closed back up after my LAP. I knew right away this couldn't be a good thing. She said that it could hurt the chances of this cycle working. She said, "it's slim." I just knew something was going to go wrong. Everything was going so well. I am so mad at myself. Why was I so selfish when I had my LAP. I didn't want to lose a tube. I begged her to try to save it. She did. However, now it has apparently closed back-up. And, that fluid could be toxic to an embryo(s) that is/are trying to implant in my uterus. Why? Why didn't I make the right decision? Why do I still have the tube? We wouldn't be dealing with this right now.... only if.....

Wednesday's RE appointment -
Lining even better! Loads of follies on both sides still! E2 2670. hmm... that didn't go up as much as I thought it would. Hopefully, it will continue to go up a little more today throughout the day. Well, the 'problem' is still there. We are worried about it of course. She basically said though, "back in the olden days (when IVF was first around) people used to get pregnant all of time with a situation just likes mine." She also said that she did not see in fluid in the cavity. So, maybe it's not draining? hmmm..... mind going crazy. I need to remain optimistic. I need to relax again. Stress is NOT good at this point.

Outline of the next few days -
Tonight - NO Glucophage, Trigger with 10,000iu at EXACTLY 7:30pm
Thursday - day off.... how strange : )
Friday - Arrive @ Clinic @ 6:45am, ER set for 7:30am, Start Medrol in evening
Saturday- Get fertilization Report in AM, PIO, Medrol, Baby Aspirin, Restart Glucophage

(Continue with Prenatal, Folic Acid & Synthroid as normal)

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary! I can't believe it; time has gone by so quickly!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moving Right Along. . . .

It's working! The meds. are doing their job. Today, I had an appointment with our RE. My U/S revealed that I have 6 follies on my right and 10 on my left side. My biggest seemed to be at 14. I had others at 13,12,11,10... I am so happy! My lining is progessing as it should. RE said as long as E2 wasn't over 2000 that she would see me Tuesday. She also said, "You are my GoldiLocks Story.... not too much, not too few!" Sounds wonderful to me!

Well, we waited... Of course, we went about our daily lives. We ran errands and made our way home. The nurse called around 4:20pm. That' s the latest they have called throughout this cycle. I think it was due to it being a Sunday. No problem. My progesterone was 1.4. I didn't even know that they would be checking for that. It was nice and low like it should be at this point in the cycle. My E2 was 1124! It's getting higher, but not out of control. It should continue to increase in the next couple of days.

Next up-> Appointment w/ RE for another U/S and more B/W

Tuesday @ 9:00 AM

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quick Update

RE appointment this AM. The u/s showed 5 or 6 follies on one side and 7 or 8 on the other. All of them were pretty small. I guess that's to be expected at this stage. RE didn't have trouble finding either ovary. Thank goodness! I really hope a few more pop up before our next check!

Of course they took blood. I got the call around 2ish. I am to continue the same dosage for the next 3 nights. My E2 was 273 today after three nights of stimming!

My next follie check is SUNDAY @ 10:30 !

Monday, June 15, 2009

Refresh Me!

I am so glad we had scheduled that appointment!
DH & I are one of those rare couples that skipped injectables and went straight to IVF. Therefore, when we were at the IVF Class and the nurse was rushing through all of the meds., needles, spots to inject and etc... it was easy to understand why our faces were completely glazed over.
We are much better now! As soon as our meds. arrived a couple of weeks ago, I called the clinic and set-up an appointment for help. Luckily, the nurse scheduled it for today, the day we start stimming. We got to the facility right on time. We were in and out in about 25 minutes. As soon as they showed us, we felt relived. It was not as bad as I assumed it was going to be.
So, the 'madness' officially begins tonight. Our instructions are to pick a time between 5-9pm and stick to that time the entire time we are stimming. I say 'entire' like it's going to be years. It's not though. My last stim is scheduled to be 6.22. That's not that far away! We have decided on 8:30pm as our time to shot-up. So, no late night dates for us this week!
I have to be honest... I am getting anxious, nervous, scared..... I want this to work so badly.
I need to relax.
I must RELAX!

Friday, June 12, 2009

She's Here... Again!

But, it's o.k. We wanted her to show up! I called the clinic Thursday. Of course, I had to leave a message on the nurses' line. Done! They called back and told me to call Dr. Thie's since that is where I will be monitored the next couple appointments. Did that! One problem though, Dr. Thie did not plan being in the office on my CD 3, Saturday. Fix for the problem: come in on CD 2 at 9:15am, Friday. Done!

We left bright and early. It was pretty much the usual. The took blood. This time they checked for my E2 levels. They did my vitals. I then had my U/S. The only thing that wasn't as usual..... we dropped the BIG bucks. And, that's all I am going to say about that.

Then, we waited.....the first of many waits we will have in the coming days.

DH & I ran a bunch of errands. I picked up a gift for the baby shower I am going to Sunday! We went to PetSmart, Wally World and Hobby Lobby. We found some great deals on 4th of July decor. And, we picked up some essentials for our cars (filters, fuel injector). We had lunch at Stake N Shake.

We then met my two sisters, two nephews and niece at Newport on the Levy! We went to the aquarium there. It was a blast. Most of us had been there before. DH had not. But, there were a ton of new exhibits! I even got to pet sharks! Here are some pictures from our adventure.

We had been out all day! DH was in the mood for Taco Bell. I wasn't in the mood for a 'sit down' meal so it was fine with me. By this point, I was worn out!

On the way home, the nurse called. All is clear! I am to start my Follistim and Repronex Monday evening. I will also stay on my Lupron. I also got some refills on my others meds. today. That way I won't have to worry about them next week.

Update on Upcoming Appointments:

6.15 - Refresher appt. for mixing meds 1:00om
6.17 - B/W @ Quest Checking for E2 levels (based on those may or may not change med. dosage)
6.18- B/W & U/S Checking for E2 levels & development/count of eggs

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No More BCPs

I haven't posted in a couple of days. DH & I have been so busy getting things in order before the 'madness' begins. Once we get started with stimming, things will start going by so quick. We will be making many trips to our RE's office.

Monday, 6.8, I took my last BCP. I am still taking Lupron, 10u. I am to call the RE's office as soon as AF shows! If no show by Friday, I am to call anyway! Also, DH & I finished our Doxycycline Monday.

DH & I took a short trip to Cleveland Tuesday into Wednesday. I will write more about that later.... too tired now.

Side Note: We did get a call Tuesday evening, while we were in Cleveland. We came back negative for CF! Such a relief!


13 days until Our 2 Year Anniversary

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

# 1... only a million to go!

O.k so I don't have a million injections to go, but it sure does seem like it. I have to be honest; I feel silly for being so worried about today's Lupron. It was easy! I will being taking my Lupron at 8:30am each morning until 6/22. The vial doesn't seem like it has enought in it! I will keep a close eye on that. The nurse can get me some more if need be.

Today, is also DH & I's first day on Doxycycline. This is an antibiotic. We will be taking two pills daily, for the next seven days.

A couple of night ago, DH mentioned us going somewhere for a mini-vaca. I explained that after the end of next week it just will not be possible with all of the doctor appointments we will have the rest of the summer. So, we came up with the idea of just going to Cleveland for the night. Last night, DH booked us a hotel and got us tickets to an Indians game. We also plan to go to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. It's only an overnight trip, but I am really looking forward to getting away.

Checkmark! I have been drinking my Whey Protein Shakes for 3 days. And, last weekend we bought Gatorade so that I can start drinking those when I start stimming.

Countdown Update: I am out of school! It's summer!


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