Tuesday, July 29, 2014

36 Week Appointment

Monday (35w6d) we had our 36 week appointment. We got there early and I was taken back early. After vitals, I waited for our midwife. She came in and asked how I was. Apparently, the L&D trip information hadn't made it into my chart. It was then time for me to lay down. I immediately lost it. My back has been killing my this entire pregnancy. Last pregnancy, I mainly remember my back pain the last few weeks and especially during delivery (I didn't even want to lay on my back). She hurried through all of the checks. My fundal height measured right on and his heartbeat was around 129 bpm.  I then had the dreaded GBS test. Last pregnancy, I was GBS+. She then did a cervical check. At L&D Thursday I had no progress. Since then, I had noticed contractions most of Thursday and off and on all weekend. Also, a ton of cramping in my lower pelvic region (especially at night). I am posterior and 0% effaced, but an "easy 2-3 cm dilated." I asked her about walking. She recommended rest instead. I asked about taking EPO since at the point in pregnancy is when I started taking it last time; she also didn't recommend it since I was already progressing. Well, whoops. I had started Sunday with 1000 mg. We go back next Monday for the same, but also a NST.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

L&D Visit

Thursday morning we had plans to get up early (I even set an alarm) head to the zoo, grab lunch, pick up the pottery that they girls had completed on Chloe's birthday and run errands. Well, that's not what they day had in store for us.

I woke up a little before 6 am. I was super excited when I woke up because I had actually slept and slept pretty well. I headed to the restroom where I noticed blood. It wasn't gushing like last time (go back and read what happened on Not So Usual Vacation in June if you haven't already). But, it was there. I also noticed pretty heavy and consistent cramping in my lower pelvis.

I woke Jason up. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be that girl that called the on call doctor for no reason. After a little time and debate, we decided to call. After talking to the operator, the doctor called back. It was the doctor that had delivered TT. We haven't seen her this pregnancy. I told her our history and what was going on. She said to her to the L&D Triage.

We weren't as panicked. But, still nervous. I was moving all around, so I hadn't felt him move. We pulled out the fetal doppler. Sweet baby boy was ok.

We both quickly showered. Our littlest heard us and she laid in our bed. We decided to pack a few things since we didn't know what was going to happen.

Grrrrr.... ever since Milwaukee we kept saying that we needed to get our bags packed. Honestly, I am not sure sure what I packed for him, the girls or myself. We just shoved a bunch of stuff in random places, grabbed cameras and left.

I knew my sister was out of town; we called J&A. They live in the same town as us and just a day or two before we told them that once we were in labor we may have to us them (if it happened in the middle of the night, etc....). We dropped them off in the pjs with a drink and snack. We left the carseats and a bag bag of random clothing.

We then headed down the road. We then called my sister just to let her know what was going on. We also called Jason's mother. Our plan was to get there, get checked out and then determine what was next.

It was surreal almost being back in the hospital where we had TT. Jason dropped me off while I went upstairs to be registered. I was taken back immediately. After changing and vitals, I was hooked up for monitoring (NST). My bleeding had already slowed down to spotting and had turned darker.

A few minutes into the monitoring,  I started contracting. There were marked as mild. They were 3-4 minutes apart and lasting about 45 seconds each. After talking to the on call doctor, the nurse checked me. My cervix is high. He is not engaged. The outer open of the cervix was open. So, they were not causing anything to change.

Dr. S then came on duty. I have seen him this and last pregnancy. He also saw me a few days after the Milwaukee incident. He came into triage to see me. With no progress, I was to go home. I asked what I should look for as far as when to become concerned (they said heavier bleeding that's red again, increase in contractions (time/intensity)). I asked if this was my new normal (could I bleed off and on, could I have contractions off and on, etc....). I was told yes.

After discharge, we stopped and got lunch. We then headed to get the girls. My contractions continued most of the day and into the early evening. Then stopped. I was still cramping off and on though. I then woke up to contractions during the middle of the night. By morning, they had stopped again.

We then set an alarm to get up and run errands (we were determined to get our hospitals bags packed). However, TT had other plans. A bout 30 minutes before our alarm, I woke up to pee in our bed (she had come into our room during  the middle of the night).

Thank you TT.... thank you waterproof cover for nothing.... the pee went right through. We had been wanting a new mattress set for a while. We today we are getting on. Jason and his Dad are picking it right now as I type. Throughout the day, the bleeding has picked up, but it has been darker in color. I have felt cramping most of the day and a few contractions off and on.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Chloe's 4yr & PreSchool Check-up

On Tuesday (7.22.14), Chloe had her 4yr well baby visit. We also had to get paperwork ready to go for preschool. Our office always gives a print off of what typical child at that age should and shouldn't be doing/eating/saying/etc.... It was pretty right on for her this time. Until I realized I haven't let her use scissors yet. Whoops! We bought a pair for each of them today!

First they took her vitals. She is 41 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds. That puts her in the 75% for her age. Her BMI is 16.73. Her temperature was good and blood pressure was 78/54.

It was so cute TT wanted to get checked out to. So, the nurse measure her, weighed her and took her temperature.

Before the appointment, I had told Chloe that I didn't think she would have any shots. ... well, I was wrong. Typically, she wouldn't have needed any. But, since she is going to preschool and our doctor thinks that the kindergarten boosters are so much more terrible one year later, she received 3 shots. I FELT TERRIBLE!

Afterwards, we had lunch and headed to the pool. She quickly forgot how bad they hurt.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

1st Soccer Practice

Chloe had her first soccer practice Wednesday (7.23.14). She did a good job... just one or two meltdowns :) Teegan didn't fully understand that she couldn't play this year, but did okay on the slidelines with running, snacking and playing on an I.Pad.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

4th Birthday Party

 We went way low key this year. We only invited immediate family and had pizza at our house. Chloe and Teegan had a great time. Chloe choose her theme!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Chloe's 4th Birthday

We got Chloe up a little before 8 and she was excited to find balloons in her room (we had put them in there the night before). When she came downstairs, she also saw balloons attached to her chair (TT was excited she has them too)!
After breakfast, we got ready and headed to M.ad Potter. We had never done this before! It was stressful at times, but fun in the end. I can't wait to see them next week when we pick them up. We then headed to G.ymboree to cash in the bucks we had. Olive Garden sounded great to all of us!
After lunch, we headed to mall to the play-area and to one store. 
We then headed to home to relax and for dinner. Chloe then opened up a few gifts and blew out her candles on her cookie cake. 
The night before, we since emails to her birthfamily and we received two emails throughout the day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Activities = FUN

Summer activities are so much fun! During the last week or so, we have been back to R.ecreations Outlet and to P.OGO Play. We also saw a great local band at music in the park and free Friday at the museum. 

R.ecreation Outlet


M.ellow Mushroom after the Museum


Music in the Park

P.OGO Play


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