Friday, July 25, 2014

Chloe's 4yr & PreSchool Check-up

On Tuesday (7.22.14), Chloe had her 4yr well baby visit. We also had to get paperwork ready to go for preschool. Our office always gives a print off of what typical child at that age should and shouldn't be doing/eating/saying/etc.... It was pretty right on for her this time. Until I realized I haven't let her use scissors yet. Whoops! We bought a pair for each of them today!

First they took her vitals. She is 41 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds. That puts her in the 75% for her age. Her BMI is 16.73. Her temperature was good and blood pressure was 78/54.

It was so cute TT wanted to get checked out to. So, the nurse measure her, weighed her and took her temperature.

Before the appointment, I had told Chloe that I didn't think she would have any shots. ... well, I was wrong. Typically, she wouldn't have needed any. But, since she is going to preschool and our doctor thinks that the kindergarten boosters are so much more terrible one year later, she received 3 shots. I FELT TERRIBLE!

Afterwards, we had lunch and headed to the pool. She quickly forgot how bad they hurt.



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