Monday, June 30, 2014

Teegan Potty Training

On June 2nd, we had work time at school. After we got home, we put Teegan in panties. For almost the last year, Teegan had been using the potty for number one when she got the urge to here at home, when we were out and about and at the babysitter's house.

She was excited. We showed her the chart I had made and started using it. Over the next few days, she had few accidents and she slept in pull-ups at nap and bedtime. It took until Thursday to get a successful number 2.

A little less than two weeks later, we left for Our Not So Usual Vacation (read previous posts). We are so excited about how well she did during the crazy times at the hospital. I am hopeful in next few days to take the pull-up away during nap and eventually bedtime.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Not So Usual Vacation & Huge Scare - Part #2

The next few days, we took it as easy as we could. Family would text and call asking how we were. We had first called and texted them early Monday morning. Everyone wanted to know what they could do. Some even wanted to drive/get a bus/fly to Milwaukee. But, we made it okay.

Monday (at 9am) we saw Dr. S. He asked us what had happened. He saw that they had diagnosed us with a marginal placental abruption. He said it could have even just been a vein rupturing. He told us it could happen again, but of course who knows. He ordered an ultrasound. My fundal height measured right one and his heartrate was good.

Wednesday (at 11:45am), we had our ultrasound. Baby Boy looked great. The placenta was placed well and looked good. We also did an internal ultrasound. Again, all looked good.

Pictures by Lake Michigan when we first got there.

Picture the nice family took for us. One our way out, a young man also stopped us and talked to us about coming to the game. We did tell him that we were so happy with our nice everyone had been to us. When I got a drink with Teegan, I asked two gentlemen if they were in line and they said no, but realized we were Reds fans. They to made a silly joke, but we went ahead in line.

We had great seats in left field.

Last year on vacation we had wrote something similar. I am glad Jason continued the tradition this year at the Children's Museum.

The Monkey from the gift shop of the hospital that we got for Baby Boy on Tuesday night.

It was vintage bobblehead day at the game. I am sure Jason loved carrying these around all game.

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Pictures of the hospital room, an Oasis stop on the way home (for lunch), the girls in the hospital, our view of Chicago on Sunday and one of the windmills.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our Not So Usual Vacation & Huge Scare

On Sunday Jason and I got up around 3:45 AM. We had most thing loaded so we only had to get ready, get the girls up and get out the door with a few other odd things that we needed. I started off the driving and we left ahead of schedule, a little before 4:30 AM. We stopped at a McDonalds in Indiana. I drove for a while longer after that stop. On the way, we were AMAZED by the windmill farms that we passed on I-65. The girls were too! Our GPS got confused at took us basically into Chicago, but it was nice to see the city since we haven’t been there since our honeymoon in 2007. We got into Milwaukee early. We decided to find our hotel to see if they happened to have a room ready (The Park East). They didn’t, but said that they would call when one was ready (nice thought, but I knew that we would be at the game). We noticed the our hotel was basically one block away from Lake Michigan. So, we decided to find somewhere to park to take a look. It was windy and cold. I was concerned that I hadn't packed appropriately. The girls even complained! We took a few pictures and headed to Miller Stadium.

We were early. But, we didn’t have another plan. I am glad that we got there so early, because I have never seen anything like it. The Reds’ stadium is downtown surrounded by the Ohio River, buildings, etc…. This stadium is off by itself and is surrounded by parking. Here, everyone tailgates. At home, people tailgate for football, not baseball! It was neat to see! We were parked in the middle of Brewer country. We sat for minutes taking in all in; the food, cornhole, beer, etc…. We then started getting the girls ready; we decked them and ourselves out in Reds gear. Then, we started the long walk to the stadium…. Through the flock of Brewers fans. They were very welcoming.

Once we got into the gate, we one of the gate keepers welcomed us and asked up about the drive. Then, a wonderful family asked if we wanted our picture taken and asked us about our vacation. They recommended a good place to eat in Wisconsin Dells (where we planned to go the next day for the rest of our vacation). We saw some of the Reds’ batting practice, got a snack and had a potty break. We BARELY made it through five innings. The girls we DONE and we were DONE. It was hot, crowded and of course we were all tired (even though the girls did get a little sleep on the way).
We then headed back to the hotel to check-in and freshen up. We then headed out to find somewhere to eat dinner. Ohhh my, we could find anything nearby after driving around for what seemed forever (yes we were using GPS, but didn’t want fastfood). We remembered seeing a sign for pizza delivery so we went back to the hotel. The pizza got there pretty fast. As we waited, I picked out clothes for the next day. We wanted to leave early to head to our next stop. After dinner and some playtime, we all laid down for bed early.

About 30 minutes to 1 hour later, I woke up. I was sweaty. I felt a gush. I felt my panties. They were soaked. I rushed to the restroom. I saw down and felt more. Then, I stood up and turned on the lights. I screamed for Jason. It was blood. I felt another gush. I got new panties. More gushing. Sat on the toilet. More blood. Got new panties and stuffed a washcloth in them. More blood. I was yelling for Jason to get the girls up. We needed to get to the ER. Since I had sat our clothes, Jason put those on the girls. I was rushing to gather my medications to show the nurses and doctors in the ER. Grabbed a phone charger, my purse and my wedding ring. Jason got dressed. We headed downstairs. On the way, I called my doctors office. Of course, it was closed. I choose the option to page the one call nurse. I told him what happened. He took my information. The Dr. M. then called me back as Jason was getting the car. I waited with Chloe at the bottom of the garage. I didn’t want to walk much more. I was hysterical.

The Dr. confirmed that we needed to find the nearest ER and to keep the office updated. As soon as I hung up and we loaded up the car, I searched for the nearest hospital. We found a VA and Children’s hospital, but Aurora Sinai was the closet that seemed like the best fit. It was only 1.2 miles from the hotel. It seemed like an eternity to get there. I was crying. But, I was trying to keep it together for Jason and the girls. Every blocked seemed like an eternity. It was on our left and we spotted the ER entrance immediately. Jason dropped me off. I headed to check-in while parked and brought the girls inside. I was hysterical and the lady was helping someone else. The more I stood there, the more I bleed. The more I worried. The more I lost it. She acknowledge me as soon as she could. Since I was 29w5d pregnant and bleeding she told me that I wouldn’t have to wait that I would be seen right away.
I filled out a paper. Strike that. I tried to fill out the information paper. But, I could barely see. I could barely stand. I heard my husband walk in. I saw the girls.  We all sat down. I asked Jason if you could see blood on my pants. I really didn’t care though. I sat down, but then a nurse came and got me. I asked if my family could come with me, but she said no. I cried. I didn’t want to hear bad news by myself.

She took me to a private room and started asking questions. What’s going on? Medical history (remember, I had bleeding early in the pregnancy). She hooked me up to the heartrate monitor. I was scared to death. What if our August Miracle no longer had heartbeat? But, he did. It was good and strong. AMAZING! All of my vitals were good. She then left and the midwife on duty came to see me not long after. She had questions of her own and she hooked me up to a contraction monitor since the nurse hadn’t. I wasn’t having noticeable or consistent contractions. GOOD! We then did an internal exam. She noticed clots, but what she could see of my cervix it was closed. MORE GOOD NEWS! However, she quickly said that she was admitting me.

I lost it again. She left. Someone from registry came into see me. The nurse then brought Jason and the girls back to the room. I had been texting him as I could. So, he knew as much as I did. I immediately started to flip out about Baby Boy, the girls, him, our hotel room, money, being 3 states away, etc….
The nurse then took us to the second floor to our room (G245). We meet our night nurse and the night doctor on call. I had more vitals, bloodwork and another internal exam. We were told that we would have an in-depth ultrasound sometime in the morning between 8am-12noon. It was worded in a way that we thought we would get to leave sometime after if everything was okay. Teegan fell back asleep in the waiting room and continued to sleep in the ER room and then in our hospital room. Chloe eventually feel asleep too. We didn’t get much sleep. Baby Boy was so active they had to come in the room every few minutes to adjust monitors. I was emotionally and by sciatica pain was terrible.
Jason left with girls to take advantage of the hotel’s free continental breakfast, take a shower, change the girls and check out of the hotel. Then, he brought them back with IPads in hand.

We finally had our u/s later in the morning Monday. As the nurses came in and out, it became more and more apparent we weren’t getting to leave. When the day doctor and residents came in, it was made clear. They were worried I would bleed again on the way home. They had even mapped out hospitals along our route home, thrown out the ideas of me going home in an ambulance or in aircare. They even mentioned me flying commercially home (which they would have to clear with the airport) and getting picked up at CVG. The asked for our OBGN’s contact information and did contact them to let them know what was going on and to ask for needed information. I cried and cried. I was worried. I felt bad for the girls and for Jason. At this point, our vacation was ruined, but I just wanted everything to be okay and go home.

In order to leave, the wanted me to not be bleeding and to get steroid shots (to enhance Baby Boy if here were to arrive in the next few weeks). I received the first shot at 3:30 pm. Not too long after, Jason took the girls back to the same hotel and checked back in. Before they went in; he only got the necessities out of the van. This would be only the third night I have been away from Chloe and the very first away from Teegan.

Tuesday morning Jason feed the girls at the hotel, checked out and headed back to the hospital to see me. He then took the girls to the Children’s Museum and to Applebee’s. He took a ton of pictures for me. He also saw Marquette University. Afterwards, he they came back to the hospital. Again, it was becoming apparent that we wouldn’t be leaving after receiving the second shot of steroids. A little before 3:30pm I got the shot.

That evening, the doctors wanted to me up and walking to see how my body and Baby Boy reacted. We ate in the cafeteria. We also went to the gift shop. Chloe got a magic coloring book, Teegan got a stuffed animal puppy and Baby Boy got a monkey. It was nice to get out the hospital room. They then left to check back into the same hotel.

We were told that if the night went well, we would leave Wednesday early in the morning. So, that morning Jason feed the girls and checked out of the hotel. He then brought them to the hospital. We were discharged and on the road by 9am their time/10am our time. Once on the road, I called out doctor. We made an appointment for the next Monday. We had minimal stops and made it home by 6:30pm our time. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meeting with Chloe's Birthfamily

On Friday (6.13.14), we meet with Chloe's birthmother, birthfather, maternal birthgrandmother, maternal young cousin, paternal birthaunt and paternal half sister. A few weeks ago, Chloe's birthmother asked for a visit with the birthfather (this type of visit has happened for a while since they are no longer together, etc....). We agreed and decided to meet at one of our favorite places, Chuck E Cheese. When we got there; they meet us with smiling faces. They immediately told us that the others were on the way (I had asked them through email who all would be coming, but they didn't tell us anyone else. From how it sounded it was all last minute.) We were fine with it, just a tad overwhelmed!

After tons of hellos, talk and playtime the girls opened TONS of presents (clothes, toys, bubbles, nightlights and so on.) They even got Jason a Father's Day gift and Baby Boy bibs, washcloths and burp cloths.)

Then, there was more talk and playtime. The visit ended up lasting about 2 hours. We learned that the birthfather is no longer with the mother of his second biological child (whom we got to meet and hold at this meeting). Chloe doesn't understand the impact of having a half biological sister yet, but one day she will. We got the cutest pictures of her holding her. It was simply precious!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun Thursday

Thursday, we checked out a new kid's play area. They had a TON for children to do (lego room, wooden block room, imagination room, foam building room, a projector room,  toddler room, basketball courts and a HUGE playset). If you are there for a party, they also have inflatables. The facility is new, clean and also has a snack bar that seemed to have reasonable prices. We will be going back for sure!

After lunch, we then headed over to an old fashioned ice parlor! The girls were exhausted, but LOVED their treats!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

28 Week Appointment & 28/29 Week Belly Pictures


28w6d 6.9.14

(Baby Boy yawning!)
On Monday, we had our 28 week appointment (at 28w6d). We also had our elective 4d ultrasound appointment. I drank my glucose challenge drink right before we went in, paid our balance and was taken back soon after. The girls played their IPads and ate goldfish. He was being stubborn! Both Jason and I think he looks just like TT. For most of the ultrasound he had both hands and sometimes on foot over his face! My belly actually hurts from the tech. trying her best to get him to wake up and move! We spent a good 45 minutes taking a peek at our little boy. It was AMAZING. We have these 10 pictures, a DVD of 23 in color and a DVD of him live! I then headed immediately to get my bloodwork. Except the nurse didn't have any luck! She tried twice and then had the midwife I was about to see try. We finally were able to get blood from my left wrist. They also tested my TSH. We then complete the basics and I headed to the room to wait. It didn't take too long before the midwife came in. My fundal height measured right on and his heartbeat was great! Our next appointment is at 32 weeks!


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