Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meeting with Chloe's Birthfamily

On Friday (6.13.14), we meet with Chloe's birthmother, birthfather, maternal birthgrandmother, maternal young cousin, paternal birthaunt and paternal half sister. A few weeks ago, Chloe's birthmother asked for a visit with the birthfather (this type of visit has happened for a while since they are no longer together, etc....). We agreed and decided to meet at one of our favorite places, Chuck E Cheese. When we got there; they meet us with smiling faces. They immediately told us that the others were on the way (I had asked them through email who all would be coming, but they didn't tell us anyone else. From how it sounded it was all last minute.) We were fine with it, just a tad overwhelmed!

After tons of hellos, talk and playtime the girls opened TONS of presents (clothes, toys, bubbles, nightlights and so on.) They even got Jason a Father's Day gift and Baby Boy bibs, washcloths and burp cloths.)

Then, there was more talk and playtime. The visit ended up lasting about 2 hours. We learned that the birthfather is no longer with the mother of his second biological child (whom we got to meet and hold at this meeting). Chloe doesn't understand the impact of having a half biological sister yet, but one day she will. We got the cutest pictures of her holding her. It was simply precious!



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