Thursday, June 12, 2014

28 Week Appointment & 28/29 Week Belly Pictures


28w6d 6.9.14

(Baby Boy yawning!)
On Monday, we had our 28 week appointment (at 28w6d). We also had our elective 4d ultrasound appointment. I drank my glucose challenge drink right before we went in, paid our balance and was taken back soon after. The girls played their IPads and ate goldfish. He was being stubborn! Both Jason and I think he looks just like TT. For most of the ultrasound he had both hands and sometimes on foot over his face! My belly actually hurts from the tech. trying her best to get him to wake up and move! We spent a good 45 minutes taking a peek at our little boy. It was AMAZING. We have these 10 pictures, a DVD of 23 in color and a DVD of him live! I then headed immediately to get my bloodwork. Except the nurse didn't have any luck! She tried twice and then had the midwife I was about to see try. We finally were able to get blood from my left wrist. They also tested my TSH. We then complete the basics and I headed to the room to wait. It didn't take too long before the midwife came in. My fundal height measured right on and his heartbeat was great! Our next appointment is at 32 weeks!



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