Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ninth Post-Placement Visit

Yes, you read that right. We just completed our ninth post-placement visit (2.23.11). We have to continue to have them every 30 days until finalization. About that... we should be hearing about a court date anytime now. But, who knows when that date will be. We are more than ready to be a forever family!

The visit went as all of the others. We talked and played! Baby C was a ham as always. She showed off her teeth, her ability to get from one end of the house to the other in the matter of seconds in her walker, her love for food and her new found babbling of mama and dada!

I like our SW, but I am so ready for these visits to be completed!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

7 Months

On 2.16.11, Baby C turned 7 months old!

Friday, February 25, 2011


On 2.18.11, Baby C tried mangos for the first time.
Baby C has discovered the camera!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

NT Scan Results

I am so sorry for not updating sooner!

On Monday, we decided to leave the house a little early to run some errands and grab a bite to eat. The weather was terrible. It was raining and cold.

We got to the office around 2:40pm. I thought that our appointment was at 3:20pm. So, we decided to wait in the car for a while so Baby C could get in a little nap (she had been having a rough day due to teething). I had left the appointment card in the car from when I had orginally got it, so I decided to take a look at it. It said 3:45pm. Oh no. But, I really thought our appointment was for 3:20pm. Where did I pull that time from? So, around 3:00pm I decided to go in by myself, check-in, see what time our appointment really was and wait in the waiting room. As soon as I signed in, saw that my time was actually 3:45pm and sat down, they called me back. My heart rate flew through the roof! I had to go outside to grab the rest of the family. They were confused (I had literally just texted my DH to come in a little before 3:45pm).

The sonographer took us straight back to the ultrasound room. It seems like the u/s took a matter of seconds. We got to the hear the heartbeat again. And, as always it was more than amazing to hear! We thought that we should be measuring at 11w1d based on our last u/s at my RE's office. However, we measured 11w3d. As soon as the u/s started, the Baby had hiccups! It was soooo cute to watch! We saw the Baby's hands and feet. Their legs looked soooo long!

The sonographer told us what she was doing when she was doing it, but of course she couldn't tell us much about it. As she was typing up the report for our file/doctor, I saw that she typed 1.1mm for the NT fold. That's great, right!?!? I also saw that the placenta is posterior.

Then, it took two trys, but I had to give four vials of blood. They were doing regular OB bloodwork, checking my TSH and taking blood for the NT test(s). I also had to complete other regular OB vitals and checks.

I was also able to get a new prescription for Z.ofran. My last was written by my RE and I was about out.

We were in and our before 3:45pm.

Our next appointment is Tuesday (3.1.11). This will be at our local office with our midwife.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

VDay Celebrations

On the Friday before VDay, my DH took us girls out to eat at G.arden.
On VDay, Baby C had to go to the babysitter's. She had on a red "My First Valentines Day" shirt, but she wiped her food on it. We had the bib that matched at home. That evening, we gave her a really cute daughter's valentine card and a stuffed frog. As always, she loved the packaging more than the gift itself.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Leaving for NT Scan

We are about ready to leave for our NT Scan. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

4th Meeting With Baby C's BM

Baby C's BM had called our SW in mid-January asking to see us. We were busy that next week, so we ended up setting up 2.2.11 as our next meeting time.

After picking up Baby C at the babysitter's, I changed Baby C and put her in another one of the outfits that Baby C's BM and birthgrandmother had bought her for C.hristmas. It was a really cute C.arter's outfit. When my DH got home, we rushed out the door. We arrived at the agency just in time. We had asked our SW to text and/or to call us to let us know if anyone had come with Baby C's BM. (We weren't sure if the BM's mother would be there or not). We got the text saying that she was alone as we were in the parking lot.

The meeting went wonderful as always. We gots lots of good updates and talked about how the holidays went. We gave her some of Baby C's 6 month pictures that we had done. She loved them! She gave us, Baby C, two cards. Baby C's BF even signed them. She also gave us a picture of her and him. I am so excited to have this. Baby C's BF sent a small gift. One day, Baby C will really get a kick out of it. Check out the picture below. It's a pin that says "Girls Rock."
Baby C's BM was so excited to hear her giggle, babble and eat baby food. It was nice to see her again. We promised her to email her soon. I, too, am wondering where this relationship is headed....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eight Post-Placement Visit

On 1.28.11, we had our 8th post-placement visit. We have to continue to have visits from our SW every 30 days until finalization. Since we haven't heard about our court date yet, we already have our next visit planned.

Our SW basically beat us home. I think she left early thinking our roads would be in really bad shape. They actually weren't too bad that day. As always, most of the time was spent with her playing with Baby C. We also talked about where we saw our realationship with Baby C's BM going. It was a pretty uneventful meeting. We are really looking forward to finalization so that this technically will be over with.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

6 Month Stats

Baby C had her 6 month appointment on 1.24.11. She had three shots and one oral vaccine. She weighed 17lbs12oz and was 25 1/2" long. She is now in the 80% for weight and 35% for height.
She had one shot in her right leg and two in her left.

Monday, February 14, 2011

1st OB Appointment

Work went pretty fast today! After picking up Baby C and doing a few things around the house, we left to drive to our OB-GYN appointment. On the way, we had to stop at the pharmacy to pick up 4 refills. One of them being my Z.ofran.

We got to the office around 4:30 pm. The receptionist was happy to hear that I had taken the time to print off the forms online and fill them out ahead of time. I was really happy the how the office looked and how nice everyone seemed. Around 5pm, my appointment time, I was taken back. I had to give a sample of urine and my blood pressure and weight we taken. I then proceeded to break down into tears as I waited. This is the first time I had cried during this pregnancy. Hormones? Nerves? Who knows? They were nice about. I hope I didn't freak them out too much.

The nurse then called us back to one of the offices for a conference with our new OB. It didn't take him long to come in. We spent a good while discussing our history and what to expect at upcoming appointments.I was happy to learn that my RE's office had already sent over a lot of my medical records. He said he may try the doppler, but that I shouldn't be too concerned if we didn't find the heartbeat just yet.

We then moved to another room. I had an examination. And, best of all, he then tried the doppler.... it worked! After a few seconds, he found the heartbeat. He said it was around 140bpm and that it was normal.

Since he hasn't given us an u/s yet, he is basing my next appointment (we oppted to do the NT scan) off of my LMP. So, even though I should be measuring around 10w1d today (from our other ultrasounds), he is counting me as around 11 weeks. My NT is next Monday and then, if need be, he will change the due date.

Then, the following Tuesday we have an appointment with one of the midwives from the office and to hear about our NT results.

Today is the Day - 1st OB

5pm (est). Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

2 Teeth

Baby C has 2 teeth! The first came in about a week before she turned 6 months and the other right at 6 months.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sippy Cup, Peaches & Green Beans

Around 6 months, I wanted to give Baby C her first taste of apple juice. Instead of putting it in her bottle, we decided to try to introduced a sippy cup. Well, it was very interesting. Even though we diluted it, you could tell that it made her taste buds work over time. Since then, we have tried several different cups and have her try the cup at least several times a week. Anyone have any suggestions?
I can't remember when Baby C had peaches for the first time, but she loved them! On 2.1.11, she had green beans for the first time. They weren't her favorite, but she managed to eat half of the tub. We then gave her another veggie to top it off.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Last RE Appointment

I was so nervous! I actually woke up this morning feeling pretty 'normal.and it had me really, really concerned. We dropped Baby C off at the babysitters around 9:15am. We stopped at TRU trying to find a mesh bumper for Baby C's crib. They didn't have any. I guess I need to order one online tonight. That's a whole other story.
We got to the office a little early. We even got taken back to the ultrasound room early. But, our appointment didn't start until it was supposed to. Our fault... we like to be early. It was just a hard, long wait. But, it was well worth it.

Our baby has grown a ton. I expected to measure 9w (based off of last ultrasound); we measured 9w1d. We got to hear the heartbeat again. We didn't get the measurement. Arm and leg buds were present and they we absolutely cute to see!! We could even see the brain starting to form. I was suprised to see the amniotic sac. Our RE said it will eventually fuse (be as big as the gestational sac). We also go to see the yolk sac again. She would like me to continue the progesterone until 12 weeks and metformin throughout the entire pregnancy. She said that she would say that I would continue the BA until viability. She said she doesn't want to hear from us until after September. I told her we may call with an update. She huged the both of us.

We have offically been released from our RE and we even signed our medical release forms.

We then headed off to lunch at L.onghorn's and stopped at M.eijer to get the "big sister" t-shirt we had spotted there this past Saturday. The smallest we could find was a 12months. Maybe they don't think people with babies who are wearing 6-9 months clothes would be in the position to need a "big sister" shirt. Well, we do! Hopefully, it will look o.k as a dress!

Our next appointment is Monday with our new OB. We are going to tell some of our family this evening! I will let you know their reactions as soon as I can. Could this really be happening?


we have been released from our re. will update later this evening.

It's the Big Day

Our third u/s is at 11:15am (est) today.
Continue to keep us in your thoughts & prayers!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


On 1.28.11 Baby C had pears for the first time.
This was the first time that she had a new food when we were not at home!

Friday, February 4, 2011


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