Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1 Year Blogoversary

One year ago, I started this blog. Here is my first post. I can't believe how much has happened and how much things have changed. It crazy to think about everything DH & I have been through in this past year.

I started this blog in order to document our journey though IVF and hopefully the pregnancy there after. We got through our transfer and we did get pregnant, but last summer ended horribly after losing our second pregnancy. In the past year, we've had two m/c & two more surgeries, gone through countless medications & ultrasounds, completed several IUIs and one FET, spent too much money and put way too many extra miles on our vehicles. Why did we do all of this? We want to be parents; it's that simple.

In the last part of this year, there has been some happiness and some relief from all of this hardship. We have started a new journey, our journey through adoption. It's a tough journey also, but we know now that some way, somehow we will be parents, one day. It may not happen tomorrow, next month or this year, but it will happen. And, that's really exciting.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Welcome! If you want to know more about our TTC Journey, click here! If you want to read about our adoption journey, check out the right side of the blog! And yes, we are in the midst of both.

We have ___ days until....
  • 2, starting E.strace
  • 3, DH & I both are taking personal days
  • 3-4, DH & I get-a-way weekend
  • 16, CD 15 u/s to check lining, start PIO & M.edrol, last L.upron
  • 21, ET
  • 28, Baby Basics class (we were going to take one offered this Thursday, but have changed since this one is geared towards adoptive parents and we were told that we could be put on the waitlist without having this class complete)
  • 30, BETA
  • 42, summer
Those are just some of the dates that I am looking forward to in the coming weeks. I just got off of the phone with our socialworker, she needed one last piece of information and then she would ready to turn in our homestudy to the agency's director for approval. We should be hearing something soon! Our profile is almost there. I haven't been working on it like I should. I need to do some more editting and add final touches. We are still hopeful that we will be on the waitlist by the end of April!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

That Was Quick

Guess who had their last interview yesterday? And, guess who has already received the draft of their homestudy? Yes, you're right! We did!

Our plan is to read over it in detail tomorrow after work and then get our comments back to our socialworker thereafter!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Homestudy Complete....well, almost!

It started at 3:30pm and we finished up a little after 6pm. Tough questions were asked, but overall the meeting went very well.

Our socialworker hopes to have the draft to us by Friday. It is then our job to edit it and then send it back to her. It will then be sent to the director of the agency for approval.

We have two more characteristics forms to fill out. I am hoping that we get those in the mail next week. Finishing touhes are going on our profile this week!

We are getting soooo close....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Staying Busy

I still haven't had a chance to sit down to write about our interviews/home inspection that took place last Monday. I will just wait until tomorrow's interview is complete and write about our entire experience. I am hopeful that she will only need to see me tomorrow evening and will not need to schedule anymore other meetings. DH and I filled out our characterisitics checklist and I will be turning that into her.

DH and I have been busy finishing up our second graduate course (we have one online quiz left tomorrow). This weekend has been very productive around the house. We finally got our pinic tabe stained. My oldest sister's DH and son made it for us for last Easter. It looks great! We also when to a local trade days event on Saturday. We didn't buy much, but we did a ton of walking and overall had a wonderful time.

I am still taking BCPs and I started L.upron on Thursday morning. My last BCP is this Thursday.

My plan for tonight is to work on our profile. We got the paper in the mail that I had ordered on Tuesday. Now, I just need to play around with the margins.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Part 1 Complete

DH and I are tired. We need to time to reflect and relax.

The first part our our homestudy is now complete and part 2 (which should be the last) is scheduled for Monday after I get off of work.

I will post more details later. We are well on our way!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Thought I Was Busy Before

We finally got a call from our socialworker Friday night!

The Plan:
- Monday 1:00pm DH's interview & home inspection (I am hopeful that I get home before she completes the inspection; I would love to hear what she has to say.)
- Monday 3:15PM I get home from work & we complete our couple's interview

To Be Planned
- My interview (Hopefully, this will be scheduled for this week also.)

To Be Finished
- Profile (The paper that I ordered is scheduled to be here tomorrow. My goal is to have our profile to the agency to review Wednesday-ish and completed by the weekend.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bits & Pieces

• My medications are scheduled to be here today. With shipping and handling included, the bill was a little over a hundred dollars. I guess that’s not too bad.
• My spring break is almost over. I have gotten a lot done, but there are still a few things on my ‘to do list’ that I would like to get taken care.
• We are waiting on our social worker to call us. We have been in contact with our agency a couple of times during the last week or so. They have received all of the information/paperwork on our part and we have been okayed by the director. Her next step was then going to be assigning us a social worker. From what I know, we have been assigned and now we are just waiting for them to call us. Monday, I also paid our homestudy fee.
• My second graduate class is almost over (one assignment and quiz left). Our third graduate class starts May 10th. Great, another bill to pay.
• Our taxes are complete and now we are waiting on our refund. We were WINNERS!
• If you haven’t noticed, our FET schedule is posted on the right-hand side of my blog.
• The books I ordered from Tapestr.y Book.s have arrived!
• We are thinking about telling more of our family about our adoption plans this weekend.
• I have been spring cleaning/cleaning for our home inspection.
• I got a really cute bag from Thirt.y On.e! (The red and blue one on page 8, but mine says Rachel.)


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