Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bits & Pieces

• My medications are scheduled to be here today. With shipping and handling included, the bill was a little over a hundred dollars. I guess that’s not too bad.
• My spring break is almost over. I have gotten a lot done, but there are still a few things on my ‘to do list’ that I would like to get taken care.
• We are waiting on our social worker to call us. We have been in contact with our agency a couple of times during the last week or so. They have received all of the information/paperwork on our part and we have been okayed by the director. Her next step was then going to be assigning us a social worker. From what I know, we have been assigned and now we are just waiting for them to call us. Monday, I also paid our homestudy fee.
• My second graduate class is almost over (one assignment and quiz left). Our third graduate class starts May 10th. Great, another bill to pay.
• Our taxes are complete and now we are waiting on our refund. We were WINNERS!
• If you haven’t noticed, our FET schedule is posted on the right-hand side of my blog.
• The books I ordered from Tapestr.y Book.s have arrived!
• We are thinking about telling more of our family about our adoption plans this weekend.
• I have been spring cleaning/cleaning for our home inspection.
• I got a really cute bag from Thirt.y On.e! (The red and blue one on page 8, but mine says Rachel.)


Rach said... [Reply to comment]

We got a nice refund too! Perfect for infertility payments! Best wishes with the FET.

Faith said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, you have a lot going on! Good luck with everything. Did I mention to you that our adoption agency asks their couples to ACTIVELY prevent pregnancy while waiting for a match? I looked at my social worker like she was! We aren't doing fertility treatments, though, but we certainly aren't actively preventing anything! Anyway, good luck with this FET, can't wait to hear about it!

Adventures in Baby Waiting said... [Reply to comment]

Good Golly! You do have a lot of bits and pieces happening! Looking forward to more on your FET! Fingers and toes crossed!

Life Happens said... [Reply to comment]

Very cute bags! I never heard of that company before.

Good luck with the SET and the home study!

Have a great weekend!

Amaprincess said... [Reply to comment]

Best of luck to you! Sounds like you got your plate full! Hugs!


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