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Newborn & Family Pictures

8.26.14 (Griffin's Due Date)

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Hospital Stay Pictures

Going home outfit!

Taken by the transport guy!

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Induction Day - Part #2

Although we didn’t get to walk like we wanted to, we did spend the time talking. We watched tv (mainly the local news) and surfing the net on our phones (Jason also played his game). As I began to feel the contractions more and more, I asked the nurse what the rule of thumb was to get an epidural. She simply stated, “when you are ready.” I was worried, that if I waited, it would take them a while to be there. I eventually said that I was ready. During our wait and the contractions, I could feel more leaking and at one point a pretty significant gush. The nurse anesthesiologist came in, asked questions and talked me through the entire process. With TT, I remember it being difficult for me to sit still during the contractions. But, this time I was able to sit still much better. However, once they sat me up I got very hot and sweaty. The nurse and my husband put wet rags on my forehead and neck. Once the medication was in, he waited to see how I reacted. Just like with TT, after a wait I could still feel contractions on my left side. They had me turn on my left side to try to encourage movement of the medication to that side. He had to leave the room to give an epidural to a woman who had just arrived and was already 7 cm dilated. He said he would come back.

During our wait I was checked twice and I was about 5 cm dilated each time. The last check was around 9:57 am. When he came back, I was still in pain on my left side. He gave me two more medications. This was around 10:10 am.  By 10:16 am, the nurse decided to place an internal monitor and complete another check to better capture my contractions. I was 6 cm.  During a check, she also I felt a pop. The nurse said that it was more amniotic fluid. Very soon after this, around 10:35 am, I started shaking (I had remembered this with TT). During this same time the nurse anesthesiologist came in again. I was having pain on left side more than my right and also pelvic pressure. I received a fourth medication. A few minutes later I asked the nurse for something to puke in (I think I remember puking once during TT’s delivery). Once I started getting sick, it wouldn’t stop.  I would get sick, hand them the bag and almost immediately have to have another. I was violently ill and had nothing in me to puke up. Dr. S came in to check on me. The nurse updated him and when he learned that more water had broken he thought it would go fast. They also tried laying my on my right side to encourage the baby to move over more towards the middle and drop, but they needed me to be on my left to encourage the medication to that side. 

In the next few moments, I noticed that his heart rate went down and didn’t even sound as loud. I leaned over to try to see the monitor and it came back up. I didn’t think much of it. Then the nurse came back in and started monitoring us even closer. She told us that with each contraction his heart rate went down significantly. She said, “he wasn’t liking them.” A few moments later, Dr. K and another nurse came in. I saw the nurse get an oxygen mask out  (I later found out it was for baby boy). Dr. K said he wanted to check me. We were getting worried. I had asked the nurse what could be causing his heart rate to decelerate so much. She said it could be that the cord had a clamp in it somewhere or it was around his neck. Again, every few moments I was getting sick and I was shaking more and more. I had no control over my legs. They had to help me during the check. We even had to take a break in order for me to get sick and I apologized. Dr K. was so nice about it.

At 10:48 am, he completed the check and quickly told the room that I was 10 cm, I was complete.  He also said that “he was right there.” I was worried about the pushing being tough on baby boy, but was also excited to push to get him out. I was worried about him and also having to have a C-section. At 10:51 am, they gave me zofran. Dr. K immediately got on his personal cell phone and called Dr S. He said something to the point of….”you have young lady here that I heard you want to deliver…she is ready.” (Dr. S is the head of the residents and was in the building). Just a few moments later, he entered the room and started getting on his gear. Just before, the nurse started seating up the delivery equipment and Dr. K said he would stay in room until Dr. S arrived.  Dr. S checked me. At first they weren’t even going to break down the bed and set up the stirrups. But, they did quickly. They even had Jason help. I started pushing. I kept saying that I couldn’t feel anything. I felt like I had no clue what I was doing. They didn’t even have me wait on a contraction to push…. They had me push and take a breath and push again. After several pushes and encouraging words, I saw that look on my husband’s face. He had tears in his eyes. He could see his son. I could feel Dr. S turn baby boy (I think this is also the point he took the cord off of his neck). With a few more pushes, our August Miracle made his appearance.
Griffin Michael Lee H****
11:01 am
8 lbs 6.4 oz
21.75 in

I didn’t hear him cry at first, but he eventually did. It was one of the best sounds ever. Jason cut the cord and they placed him on my chest. Quickly though, I started getting very sick and I had to ask Jason to take him. I was able to see Jason hold him and then pass him to the nurses to get checked. The nurses gave me phenergan and I immediately started feeling better. I was able to hold Griffin again, but I noticed I was becoming very tired. I was afraid to drop him. Again, I had to ask Jason to hold him.

After two hours in the labor and delivery room (standard), I was to be moved to the mommy & me floor. During the course of the two hours, I was feeling better and the epidural started to wear off. I also became more and more alert.  Jason text my sister and she said she could be there around 1 pm. He also text his parents. Instead of going downstairs in a wheelchair, they sent Griffin and I downstairs on the bed after I was transferred from the delivery bed. Once downstairs, I was better able spend time with him. They tried to give him his bath, but his temperature wasn’t high enough. After a few moments, I asked we could wait on the bath since our family was there to meet him. Over the course of the next few hours, Griffin was introduced to the world.
The girls were so excited to see Mommy, but SUPER excited to meet Baby Brother.

 Jason asked the nurse to do this on his shirt since the nurse had done one for TT. She gladly agreed. 
The girls' gifts from Griffin.
 We made more phone calls and sent text messages while people were visiting. After they left (of course we were super sad when the girls left), we ate the Dewey's Pizza Jason's parents went and picked up for us. The also gave Griffin his bath. But before the could they had to get his temperature up. He laid under the warmed for a while, but it didn't help much. Eventually, they wrapped him in two warm blankets and let me hold him. Then, he was able to be bathed. 


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