Wednesday, August 6, 2014

37 Week Appointment

Our 37 week appointment was Monday (8.4.14) at 36w6d. After taking of vitals, I was hooked up for the NST test. I was happy when she said to lay on my left side since my back isn't allowing me to lay on it at all. My hips aren't much better! However, she couldn't get a good read. She then asked me to lay on my back, but quickly saw my agony and said we could try my right side. We had luck, but only with my helping my continually pushing down on the monitor. He kept trying to move away. (He did that a lot while we were monitored in the hospital too!)

After about 10 minutes, the midwife walked in and saw that he had already had two accelerations and took me off of the monitor. She asked about my week. Again, I freaked out and started crying. My back. My hips. I had thrown up twice that morning. The on again off again bleeding. The cramps. The every so often contractions. My nesting. The lack of a babysitter. The lack of a good long term sub. for work. Chloe starting Pre-K. Etc. So on. Everything else I could name.

My fundal height measured right on and she checked his position. So tender. I am once again GBS+ and they tested it sensitivity to know what antibiotic will work. I was 3 cm dilated, but still thick. It didn't seem like it was difficult for her to reach my cervix so maybe I am not a posterior as last check. She checked to see if she could see a source of the blood, but no luck. She told me to not hesitate to call and ask to be checked if I am questioning anything.

I have continued the EPO this week (and upped the dosage), started eating pineapple and walking. Although none of these may help, they help my mind.

She offered to induce us on August 19th. I didn't decline! Jason was excited to hear the news. We started telling people of his arrival time (she said if he doesn't happen to come sooner) and started making arrangements for the girls, work, etc.... We have to be at the hospital at 4am on the day of induction.



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