Wednesday, August 13, 2014

38 Week Appointment & Belly Shots

Monday we had our 38 week appointment (37w6d). All of my vitals checked out well and I gained no weight in the last week. I was feeling much better and my midwife could instantly tell. My fundal height measured right on and after she checked for his position it must have woke him up because his heartbeat was all over the place. I am still 3cm, but when she said I was still "thick" she said I was 60% (so that has to be heading in the right direction). I am still taking EPO, I have ate some pineapple, upped our walks and so on. We will have one last appointment Monday morning. Then, Jason and I are headed to work.... yep, one day back! Our induction is still set for Tuesday early morning. I asked her if she could tell if he was sunny-side-up, but she couldn't. I think his back is in the front. I also asked the plan for induction. It will be the same as for Teegan: Pitocin, break the water, Epi. when ready and walking until I can't any longer. Baby Boy, our August Miracle will be here soon!


France said... [Reply to comment]

Yeah! =)

Victoria said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness, how exciting! Hope all goes well for you!


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