Tuesday, February 15, 2011

6 Month Stats

Baby C had her 6 month appointment on 1.24.11. She had three shots and one oral vaccine. She weighed 17lbs12oz and was 25 1/2" long. She is now in the 80% for weight and 35% for height.
She had one shot in her right leg and two in her left.


Abby said... [Reply to comment]

Casey got the same band-aid for his six month shots too!

Victoria said... [Reply to comment]

Awww, cute little baby thigh! Shots are not fun but they're for the best:) I'm so glad your OB appt. went well and I wouldn't feel bad for crying, I'm sure all the emotions just welled up and finally popped out!

Jacksmom said... [Reply to comment]

Poor girl!!! Sounds like she is doing great!

Becky said... [Reply to comment]

C got a WAY cuter bandaid than M just got at her 12 month. M is such a peanut - she is 29" which was 44th percentile, but still only 17lb10oz! But the pediatrician said she's fine, and her birth brothers are tiny, too, so whatever.

C is just so cute - I love her little pictures and am glad things are going so well with her BM.


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