Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Not So Usual Vacation & Huge Scare - Part #2

The next few days, we took it as easy as we could. Family would text and call asking how we were. We had first called and texted them early Monday morning. Everyone wanted to know what they could do. Some even wanted to drive/get a bus/fly to Milwaukee. But, we made it okay.

Monday (at 9am) we saw Dr. S. He asked us what had happened. He saw that they had diagnosed us with a marginal placental abruption. He said it could have even just been a vein rupturing. He told us it could happen again, but of course who knows. He ordered an ultrasound. My fundal height measured right one and his heartrate was good.

Wednesday (at 11:45am), we had our ultrasound. Baby Boy looked great. The placenta was placed well and looked good. We also did an internal ultrasound. Again, all looked good.

Pictures by Lake Michigan when we first got there.

Picture the nice family took for us. One our way out, a young man also stopped us and talked to us about coming to the game. We did tell him that we were so happy with our nice everyone had been to us. When I got a drink with Teegan, I asked two gentlemen if they were in line and they said no, but realized we were Reds fans. They to made a silly joke, but we went ahead in line.

We had great seats in left field.

Last year on vacation we had wrote something similar. I am glad Jason continued the tradition this year at the Children's Museum.

The Monkey from the gift shop of the hospital that we got for Baby Boy on Tuesday night.

It was vintage bobblehead day at the game. I am sure Jason loved carrying these around all game.

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Pictures of the hospital room, an Oasis stop on the way home (for lunch), the girls in the hospital, our view of Chicago on Sunday and one of the windmills.



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