Friday, March 25, 2011

Mother's Sales

The Mother's Sales season has started back up. I discovered one last fall on a local website. I went to one and heard about another and so on. Well, it's now time for the spring sales. We left bright an early this past Saturday morning. We got to the first one around 7:30am. It didn't start until 8am, but the line was LONG. We met K, our friend who also adopted through our agency, at the sale. She then took us to another sale. On the way between the two, we passed two other rumage sales. After the last one, she took us to her house to meet up with her DH and little boy. There, we told them our news about being pregnant. They were estatic! She and I then went to a consignment boutique that was having a 'stuff your bag sale.' I even found a pair of maternity shorts there for $4.99! We grab lunch and took it back to their house. It was an amazing, but exhausting morning and afternoon.

All in all, I found tons of great deals. I don't feel like I came home with as much as I did at some of the fall sales, but I found some really great deals on Gymbo, G.ap and so on. So, some of the outfits were $4 and $5 instead of the others that were under that. Of  course, I found so cute toys and great books too!

More sales this weekend! Have you checked out your local paper, websites, etc... for sales like this near you?


BS said... [Reply to comment]

Just want to make sure you also check out stores for season change clearance. I've gotten great deals at Kmart, Walmart, Target, JcPenny, Kohl's. Babies R Us take longer for the prices to drop. A lot of stuff I get is $2, sometimes an outfit. I have to check if we have Mother Sales around here.

Faith said... [Reply to comment]

You got such cool stuff! I wish I had the energy for these things. I live in a rural area so the closest one is 1.5 hours away from me and that is just too much with 2 babies! Well, you'll see when your #2 comes along, lol! Take care!

Nick and Kristi said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Girl...Been a while since Ive posted but so happy to see all the wonderful things happening for you:) Baby girl is still such a doll baby with those beautiful long eyelashes! and I cant wait to hear about your anatomy exciting

Jacksmom said... [Reply to comment]

I love these sales. I am actually signed up to sell at my first one in a couple of weeks. I'm not willing to admit that we may not get pregnant again, so I'm not getting rid of the big baby gear items like furniture, carriers, strollers, bouncers, etc., but he has an overabundance of clothes and toys he never was interested in that I am going to sell. I'm excited to see how it goes!


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