Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby C's First Sickness

Baby C had a stuffy/runny nose for a week or so. I thought she was getting better. Then, it came back, even worse. Last Wednesday and Thursday she woke up early and not her usual happy self. She has had no fever, she hadn't been pulling her ears, no real problems getting her to other signs. Although , Id did notice that after her naps Wednesday and Thursday she has green sleepy naps. Thursday (3.17) after work we took her to her ped. She had a double ear infection and sinus infection. She is on baby style amoxicillin, over the counter b.enadryl and a.dvil at night.

Friday, both DH and I were also DX with sinus infections. What a fun couple of days!


Jess said... [Reply to comment]

Ear infections can be so hard to detect! Maddie has had 5, yes 5, ear infections and many times I had no indication other than her being a little bit crabby.
Hope you all feel better soon.

kkasun said... [Reply to comment]

I hope she feels better soon!!!!!
You guys too!


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