Wednesday, July 27, 2011

34 Week Check-Up

We had our 34 week check-up today. We got there and were able to be seen just a few minutes later. I was also happy to learn that we have made all of our payments for the Dr./Midwife. (They had us on a payment plan since right after the first visit to pay for the Dr./Midwife during delivery. It's an estimate, so if we owe more we will be billed after delivery. Or, we could get a check in the mail if they charged us too much). I like that they do this. I am sure that we will also owe the hospital, so it's nice to get some of the bills out of the way ahead of time.
My sample was fine. My BP was 112/64 and my weight.... well, it's going up. We saw the same Dr. that we had seen at our 32 week-check up. I measured right on track and we got to hear her HB. As always, it was amazing to hear. Last time, he couldn't tell how she was positioned for sure, but this time he said she was head down! At our 30 week appointment, she was head down, but sunny side up. I hope she flips! Baby C was wantign to get on the floor and play; about half-way through the appointment my DH had to take her back out to the waiting room.

He let us ask a million questions. At our next appointment, I will be checked for GBS. If you remember a few weeks back, I had a UTI. They called it at UTI, but really my sample tested postitive for GBS and too much ecoli bacteria. So, I was put on an antibiotic. When I reminded him about it today, he said that we just wouldn't test becuse I would most likely have it. He said it would be treated with penicillin. However, that won't work for me because I am allergic! So, they will be testing me, but the will also be testing for sensitivity for another antibiotic. Most likely I will have it; now they just need to figure out how to treat it other than by using penicillin!

Our next appointment is 8.10.11 at 10 am. It will be our 36 week check-up!


Missy said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, 34 weeks already. You are getting so close.

Faith said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like all is well! I showed up positive for Group B Strep in my first pregnancy (tested early because of a UTI). Even though I tested negative in my pregnancy with Addy, they treated me as if I was positive. I got the antibiotics and they kept us an extra night in the hospital. You are getting SO close!!! Can you believe it?!


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