Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting sooo close!

What did we do to pass time today? We went grocery shopping! Along with that, we stopped at Wendy.s. Right now, DH is at softball. He has a double-header. I just got word from him that they first game didn't go so well.

O.k onto what's more important to us right now... How are our embies doing?

The first call came around 10:20 this morning. It was from one of the nurses. She said that ET is on for Thursday. We are to arrive at the clinic at 12:15pm. She told me to empty my bladder an hour before and to drink 6-8 glasses of H2O. Agh! Maybe I should have practiced that! ohh darn, I didn't do my homework. The ET itself is set for 12:30pm. The nurse also told me that the lab would be calling later in the day.

Well, we ran our errands. And, of course we waited. Around 3:55pm, I started getting anxious. They hadn't called! So, I called them. The clinic immediately transferred me to the lab. They had simply forgot to call. Earlier, when I got the first call, the nurse had told me a overview of my embies, but I wanted to hear it from someone in the lab itself.

On day 5, they would like the embies to be morula or blasts. Again, they graded them on a 1-4 scale; 1 being the best.

6 from group 1
2 were graded 1.5 (both blast)
2 were graded 2.0 (both morula)
2 were graded 3.5 (1-3 cell & 1-4 cell --- these were degenerating: ( )

2 from group 2
1 was graded 1.5 (blast)
1 was graded 2.0 (blast)

Unfortunately, it sounds as though we have lost two embies. Although, I am sadden, I am so very happy we have 6 growing strong.



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