Friday, July 3, 2009

Simply Amazing!

Yesterday was one of the most nerve racking; yet, amazing days of my life! DH & I got up as usual to complete my PIO shot. We have become pros at that! I think I spoke too soon, my hind end is really starting to hurt. Afterwards, we decided to leave a little early. On our way, we dropped some DVDs off at DH's parent's house (they are going on vaca). Then, we stopped at BK. Yes, I know... so healthy, but it was ohhh so good! Then, we stopped at the gas station. DH got me my H2O to down. I had be instructed to drink the equivalent of 6-8 glasses before arriving. We stopped at Wally World where we picked up "The Big Band Theory" Season 1 and a couple of books (hoping this would hold us over during our wait). We then proceed onto the clinic. While driving, I drank my water.

By the time I reached the clinic, I was floating. Drinking that much water that fast, I didn't feel well. We arrived and told the receptionist that we were there. A few minutes later we were whisked to the back; the same area my where our ER had been completed. First, DH & I both had to change. Then, we went straight to the room where the ET itself would be completed while our RE got prepared. After the basics where taken care of, the lab technician that I had been talking to the last few days asked me to state my full name. I did. Then, she gave us a photograph of the two beautiful embies that they would be transferring. She told us that both of them were graded 1.0; the best possible grade. She also said that they would be freezing two others and culturing the other 4. I cried.

We were then underway. It took a few moments to get things situated. My RE said, "everything look backwards!" She had been having a hard time finding/seeing what she needed to. Come to find out, the nurse holding the ultrasound wand had it backwards making everything inside of me look backwards. When that was solved, the ET the proceeded. Within seconds we could see the media on the ultrasound. Then, two flashes of light.... our embies at the top of my uterus. Everyone left the room, DH and I where left to relax. The nurse even turned the monitor toward us so that we could look at it as we waited. They even gave us a picture of the embies' placement. The experience and the feeling we had at the moment, was simply amazing!

The rest of the day, I relaxed. I feel asleep pretty soon after we got home. I woke up with a headache. After some cold wash clothes and dinner, I felt better. I spent the rest of the evening watching TV with my legs propped up.

Today, much more of the same. PIO, lunch and TV. We got word today that they were able to freeze one more embryo. DH is out right now running errands. He is picking us up some S.ubway, getting gas and a few movies! I am not on bed rest. Yesterday, they told me to take it easy the rest of the day and to not do anything crazy, my ovaries are still enlarged. So, I haven't been doing much.

As we have done many times throughout this process, we are now waiting. Every time I walk by the counter in our kitchen, I see the picture our of embies. I pray. I pray that they stick.

Mommy already loves you!



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