Saturday, November 13, 2010

Exchange - Part 2

Catch up on my finds in THIS POST. We went to another event this past Saturday. I got up around 4:45am and my DH woke up a little after 5am. I was pretty much ready to go by time he got up so that I could get Baby C ready. She was in a great mood! After getting her ready and a bottle, we were off. We had a couple of stops to make on the way, but we arrived to the sale an hour early. There were already people in line. We were probably the tenth or so back, but the line quickly grew long. This event was held in a high school cafeteria and adjoining rooms. The line to get in was in the main hallway of the school and on either side of us the marketplace (local vendors and crafters) was set-up. The consignors who participate get to shop ahead of the public, so we started seeing them and their goodies at the checkout around 7:30am. Then, it was our turn. This sale was HUGE. There were tables upon tables of goodies. One room was dedicated solely to toys and another to baby gear (outside toys also). I love how they label the tables so things are easy to find.
Here are my finds from this sale:
I bought the counter because it has giraffes on the sides! We love giraffes! The onesies in the ziplock bag are 12m and had the orginal tags on them (C.hildren's P.lace). We got them for $2. The v.Tech toy was $3.50, has all of the parts and works.
Of course, we bought more books.
                             The spots you see on this toy all came off when wiped with a L.ysol wipe!
My DH after we got home around 2:30pm. We were able to have lunch with friends who also just became parents through the miracle of adoption! And, afterwards, we had a few errands to run.


manymanymoons said... [Reply to comment]

Looks like you hit the jackpot!


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