Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Greetings

Since we have been married, my DH and I have never sent Christmas cards. Shhhh! I am not a bah humbug, we have just never got around to it. But, I want to this year and I want it to be extra special.

This year, I am going to ordering our holiday cards from Shutterfly.

When I saw this design, I liked it right away.
But, I really like this design also.

There are so many choices; I have a tough decision to make.
Plus, I need to figure out what pictures I want to use. I better get started soon.!

Last week, I returned to work. To brighten up my room, I am thinking about buying personalized:

The mug would come in handy for my hot tea, the magnets could go on my whiteboard and the mouse pad would brighten up my day as I am putting in grades. Baby C would be with me all day!

P.S. - Check out this great idea... you can ordered personalized gift tags!
Are you interested in 50 free holiday cards? Check this out!


Faith said... [Reply to comment]

Oh yes, Shutterfly cards are great! We ordered our announcements through them and they turned out AMAZING and came within one day! I actually wanted to do Christmas cards that way, too, but I bought cards last year (not wanting to assume a baby would be here this year:)), so I am going to send those out with wallets of our family photo in them:). have fun!

manymanymoons said... [Reply to comment]

I am right there with ya on the Christmas cards. I always have good intentions and typically think about doing it so much that it basically feels like I actually sent them (does that count??). Good for you for doing it this year.


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