Saturday, November 6, 2010

Found Our Lawyer

About a week ago, we received an email from our social worker stating that it was time to start searching for a lawyer to help us complete Baby C's adoption finalization. Yes, it's that time already!

Our SW did a little research by calling the local probate court and got a us a few lawyers to look into. We also had one in mind already. I called a few, but settled with one that we felt the most comfortable with and was the most affordable. Lawyers are expensive! Plus, we have court costs.

We had our first meeting this past Wednesday. All went well. We mainly told our story and what we knew of what needed to happen. This lawyer has completed finalizations before, but only involving foster to adopt cases. Guess what? It seems like no one around here has completed a private adoption finalization. It's just that uncommon where we are from. Everyone we talk to it just amazed by our story. We could hire a lawyer from the city, but I am sure that would come with hefty mileage costs, etc…

Now, don't worry, we are confident in our lawyer. He is going to start his paperwork immediately and contact our social worker for more of the information he needs. We shouldn't need to do much of anything ourselves, because all of our paperwork, our homestudy, etc... should be good to go since it will be less than a year we completed them all by the time we go to court.

We have two more home visits left before our social worker can complete the last of the needed paperwork. Then, at that point, a court date can be set. We are hoping for late January, but it may end up being early February court date. Even though we are a family, I can't wait to be a Forever Family.


Heather Allen said... [Reply to comment]

Girl I know how you feel about the lawyer. We got the bill last month and about fell on the ground...he makes $400 and hour! Ours had not been through a private adoption before either. So we spent a lot of time going over paper work and rules (which means more money). It was actually a lot of paper work for the birth family and we just had to sign a few things. He did a great job though. Grayson's adoption will be final in February too!

Krista said... [Reply to comment]

Your story is amazing! Good luck with all the red tape and such. I know you are looking forward to it all being final. What a lucky girl Baby C is!

Alicia said... [Reply to comment]

Hopefully he will do a great job and quickly! Good luck!
We just hired our lawyer and luckily he has done lots of adoptions. It is looking good for us...and hopefully we will be a forever family in December!


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