Thursday, October 27, 2011

1 and 15 Months Appointments

 Baby C in the waiting room.
Baby T at home after her appointment.

On Thursday (10.20.11), I took both girls to the doctor (1 month & 15 months WBVs). Please note that I took them by MYSELF! When we had orginally made this appointment, I didn't realized that my DH had parent-teacher conferences that night. I tried to change the appointment to another day, but they had nothing open after school (our work) for weeks and weeks.
Baby C waited very patiently in the waiting room. Some of the time she watched the cartoons on the TV, she played with her toys and sat on my lap. When we got taken back, I had to undress both girls so that they could get weighed, temperatures taken, length measured, etc...That was a sight to see. Baby C was walking down the hall with a bow and diaper only pretty much going where she wanted and I held Baby T in her diaper. It was sooo cute!
We then waited for the doctor to come in. Baby C was getting anxious, so I let her have some snacks. She didn't want to put them away when the doctor came in. The doctor checked over Baby C first to make sure her double ear infection was taken care of. She measured 30.5 inches (50%), weighed 24lbs8oz (70%) and her head was 19inches. She isn't really talking more than at her last appointment, so just to make sure her hearing isn't an issue when have been referred to C.hildren's for an audiology appointment.
Baby T measured 21.25 inches (30-35%), weighed 8lbs8oz (15%) and her head was 14.75 inches. She is tiny, so we need to make sure that she is eating at least every four hours. She would go more at this point most of the time. It turned out she really didn't have thrush even though the doctor we saw last time thought she may (better safe than sorry).
It was then time for the shots. Baby C had FOUR. As soon as they were finished, I pulled out the juice I had made her before we arrived. Baby T was next. When she was finished with her one shot, I then started to feed her a bottle.
The nurse was super nice and helped me get Baby C dressed. It helped a ton since she was still upset.
Next time both girls have an appointment, I AM NOT GOING BY MYSELF!


Rach said... [Reply to comment]

Dr visits with one are hard enough. It seems the Dr is always running behind. I cant imagine taking two babies, and having shots the same day. Yikes! I hope they are not too fussy tonight.

Faith said... [Reply to comment]

Yikes! I ALWAYS plan it when I can take one by myself and leave one at home with dad. We used to take them both together, but now I space out their visits by a week. It's just too much for ME to see them both get shots in the same day. Breaks my heart. So I take them one by one now - much easier:). Glad you survived it though!


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