Thursday, October 20, 2011

1 Month

On 10.7.11, Baby T turned 1 Month Old!
Her 1 month check-up is this week. I will update with stats at that point.
She is now drinking 4 oz every 5 hours or so.
She is a good sleeper, but she isn't fond of her crib
We are workin on that.
The couch is our best friend.
She likes to be with Mommy or Daddy ALL of the time.
She loves her bobby and pacifier (ohh no)!
She thinks that she is bigger than she really is.
She likes to sleep on her side, holds her head up well and uses her feet to push off of things (the bath tub and our laps).
She stretches all of the time.
Her arms and legs still seems REALLY long to all of us.


Jacksmom said... [Reply to comment]

Do you mean she was a month on October 7th??? She looks great and once she starts to fill out, she'll not look so long everywhere! And Baby C has got to be the most gorgeous little girl I've seen in a long time! I love those blue eyes. You guys are going to be in for some trouble down the line, I can see it now!

Life Happens said... [Reply to comment]

Adorable! She does have long legs. Precious, still :)


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