Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby T Update

A huge weight has been lifted off of our shoulders!
I was a nervous wreck Monday. Although, I was feeling better when we started noticing that the size of the lump seemed to be decreasing. We decided to keep the appointment to be safe.

Baby C went to the babysitters early that morning. My DH dropped her off on the way to the school (he took a sick day, but wanted to go up to get things prepared for the day). We left around noon and got there a few minutes early. Surprisingly, we were taken back just a few minutes after we arrived. First, an assistant completed the basics (our info, why were were there, her length, etc...). Then, we were seen by a NP. She was wonderful.  After hearing our concerns, looking over the referral and checking Baby T out she was confident we had nothing to worry about. But, she sent the surgeon in just to be sure. We heard the same things from her. Relief! Most likely it was just a huge amount of estrogen. However, there may always be a difference in Baby T's breasts. Who has symmetrical breasts anyway?

So sorry for not updating sooner. Baby C has been down and out with a spiking temperature and cough. She just isn't feeling herself.


kkasun said... [Reply to comment]

What a relief!!!!!

manymanymoons said... [Reply to comment]


Leah said... [Reply to comment]

So happy she is okay!

Mandy said... [Reply to comment]

So happy everything is okay!

Rach said... [Reply to comment]

So happy everything is ok!

Life Happens said... [Reply to comment]

So glad baby T is ok. I would be a nervous wreck! Hope Baby C feels better.


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