Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meeting Up With Baby C's BM

Tuesday - 9.28.10
At our last meeting, we all agreed that we wanted to meet up again. Baby C's BM told us that the birthfather wanted to come. We were anxious. So, sometime that next week we told our SW of some possible dates. Baby C's BM then narrowed it down some more. We made the final decision on the date and time based upon the thought that the birthfather could attend on the dates that we were told. Apparently, it hadn't been cleared. So, we waited to find out if Baby C's BF would be attending or not.

A couple of days before our meeting, we found out that he wouldn't be, but we didn't want to cancel the meeting. We were all too excited!

We had agreed with our SW ahead of time that this would be the last meeting with our BM for a while (woould not matter if the BF attended or not). (We had already given three sets of pictures and had one meeting.)

That morning we went to our local county fair. My DH had off of work the entire week since it happens during the school year.

We then went straight to the agency. When we got there, everyone was waiting for us in the waiting area of the agency. We found out that our BM wasn't able to pick up the pictures that we had mailed to the agency. Apparently, she tried one afternoon, but everyone had already left the agency for the day. Of course, the BF was not there, but our BM's friend came with her again. We were happy to see her too!

The meeting started around 4pm and ended around 5:50pm when our SW said it was time to wrap it up. It felt comfortable for the most part. We talked about Baby C most of the time. We also talked more about the bows she had dropped off and the bows that she had bought for Baby C that day. Apparently, she has more on the way still. Baby C's BM gave us two cards. One of the cards was a general card and the other was Halloween themed. We found out the Baby C's BF had helped out with the first card. We talked about work and school. A couple of times our SW left the room. And, at one point, my DH left the room to take a call from his Dad (his uncle had been taken to the hospital--he is just fine now). During one of the times the SW left the room, Baby C's BM offered to show us a picture of the BF on her phone (it was her backgroud picture). It was our first look. I will never forget it. We learned that he had planned on coming, but he had a job interview that he simply couldn't pass up. I really hope Baby C gets to meet him someday...

The SW told us, at one point during the meeting, that she had Baby C's birth certificate. She wasn't allowed to give it to us, but she told our BM that if she wanted us to have it she could give it to us. She said yes. So, our SW handed it to our BM and she then immediately handed it to us.

We ended the meeting with hugs. Instead of walking out together, we stayed back in the office. Since we live further than 50 miles from our agency, we have an upcharge for milage (for post placement visits.) We received the bill. Joy! Everyone asked us how it went and wished us luck. We were then on our way. But, our exciting evening wasn't over yet...

There's a lot I haven't been completely truthful about....well I should say forthcoming about when it comes to our situation. I will try my best to explain in my next post... I won't leave you in suspense for too long!


Leah said... [Reply to comment]

It sounds like your meeting went well, but I can't wait to hear what is coming next. :)

Rach said... [Reply to comment]

Glad there is a good relationship. Looking forward to your next post!!

Amber said... [Reply to comment]

Now I can't wait for your next post! What are you talking about???

embieadoptmom said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like it went smooth!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

How much longer will you have to go thru the agency for visits with her BM?

Brandon and Kari + 1 said... [Reply to comment]

Congratulations!! I happen to find your blog on someone's elses that is following ours. We are currently in the process of Domestic Infant Adoption through Bethany Christian Services. WOW - I love seeing success stories!! You can check out our blog story if you want too...http://bkmulder.blogspot.com

J said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like the meeting went really well! I can't wait to hear your news! Don't keep us in suspense for too long! :)

Glass Case of Emotion said... [Reply to comment]

Ooh I am intrigued by other news!

Dana Colleen said... [Reply to comment]

I just found your blog and am SO enjoying it! Baby C is so precious and I'm so happy for your family! Can't wait to hear what the news is!

Willow said... [Reply to comment]

Glad to hear the visit went so well! We have a wonderful relationship with our son's birthfamily, but those first few visits after he came home couldn't help but be a little awkward, glad as we were to spend time with them. It gets more and more natural as everyone settles into their lives--us as new parents, our son's birthmom as a college freshman, etc. I think it's so great that you are sharing these visits together! And can't wait to hear the other news-- such a cliffhanger!

Jewls said... [Reply to comment]

I'm curious, is it awkward meeting at the agency? Our adoption is open, but very unstructured, so when we meet it's usually at T's house and very casual. This meeting sounds more formal?

I'm glad it went well, can't wait to hear your news!

Crossed Fingers said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so thrilled the meetings are going well and there is a steady relationship there. I can't wait to hear the other part of this cliff hanger though!

Lady Lynn said... [Reply to comment]

ohh!!! Dont keep us in suspense too long ;0) hugs to your beautiful family!!!


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