Monday, August 16, 2010

In the Midst

The day that we were to bring Baby C home, my RE's office called. It was one of my favorite nurses. She had called to tell us about the results of the D&C.

We learned that our precious Baby's chromsomes were 45X. It just wasn't meant to be.

My heart sank. With the previous D&C that we had, the results came back normal. This time, they didn't. Part of me was o.k with it, because it gave us a reason why everything had happened.

Was it just bad luck? Is there something not right with my eggs? His sperm?

We were supposed to leave for Illinois on Wednesday, July 21st (two days after bringing Baby C home). My appointment with Dr. K.wak-Kim was that Thursday.

At first, we hesitated to cancel our plans. What if we did and then things didn't work out with Baby C?

So, we didn't cancel until that Tuesday. We were so lucky. The w.ebsite that I use to make our reservations normally doesn't make cancellations that close to the dates, but they did this time! We weren't able to get our money back from the B.rewer's game or Circus that we were going to, but Baby C is well worth it!

This past Monday, I called the RE's office back. I needed a refill on my thyroid medication and wanted to restart my M.etformin. Again, I talked to one of my favorite nurses. You see, we had not told them that we were even going throug the adoption process.

Our nurse was estatic for us! We even got a card in the mail from her personally. She put the order for my thyroid tests in with it; I need to get that completed this week sometime. She asked if we would bring Baby C to the office sometime soon to see everyone. I hope to get there sometime soon...
Sweet Angel Baby


Kari said... [Reply to comment]

I'm sorry the results were what they were. Both of ours came back "normal" and I always wondered if it would have been easier if they had found a reason, some cause or explanation. Either way you lost a baby and nothing can truly make that easier. I am so glad that things worked out with Baby C and you have been blessed with her in your lives!!


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