Monday, August 16, 2010

1 Month

Baby C is 1 Month old today!
At birth, Baby C weighed 5lbs 14.22oz and was 19 1/2" long.
Six days after birth (at her first appointment), Baby C weighed 6lbs and was 19 1/2" long. Her head measured 13 1/2".
At her 1 month appointment (which was a day before she was a month by weeks, last Thursday), Baby C weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 20 1/2" long. And, I believe her head measured 14".

When we first brought Baby C home, she was easting S.imilac (2 oz every 4 hours). We have since changed her formula twice trying to find the best fit for her. She is now eating 3oz at almost every feeding and the feedings range from every 2 1/2 to 4 hours. She is a very gassy baby not matter the forumla, the amount, burp or not, etc... She usually burps pretty well for us, but lately she gets so upset when we try to burp her during her feeding.

Baby C is strong. I swear she was holding her head up a couple of days after she came home. In the bathtub, she likes to plant her feet and push her bottom up out of the water. I think that she is going to roll over sooner than later. I swear she has already. Maybe that was a fluke.

Baby C is absolutely in love with her boppy! DH and I have even fallen asleep on it!

I can't believe she has been in this world a month already. We are so blessed!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

She is just beautiful!!! Love the onesies!!

J said... [Reply to comment]

She is so beautiful...Thank you for blogging so much about her. You've given me so much hope that I need right now.

Jewls said... [Reply to comment]

What a cutie, congrats! And she is sooo tiny at 1 month! Our little guy has grown way too fast!

Life Happens said... [Reply to comment]

Love the picture! And the cute hats from your previous posts! Can't wait to see her model them for us.

Rach said... [Reply to comment]

How adorable! I love how everything is going so wonderful!!

Krista said... [Reply to comment]

Time flies, doesn't it. Baby C is just the cutest little thing! What a blessing!

Waiting Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

Your posts have been making me teary eyed. So happy for you!


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