Thursday, September 11, 2014

Teegan turns 3!

On Sunday, Teegan turned 3! That morning we went to church and were in the toddler room with TT. Afterwards, we picked up her cake and lunch. We headed home to get the fruit ready for soccer. After rushing around, we headed to the game (which was Chloe's best yet!). Then, we came home for dinner, presents and cookie cake. 
Teegan is currently wearing 3t/3yrs (starting to wear some 4t/4yrs). She wears size 6/7/8 shoes and is fully potty trained. She is very outgoing, but can sometimes be shy when around someone new or someone is doesn't often see. She is wanting a 'big' girl bed ASAP! She loves to sleep in her Mommy and Daddy's bed. She likes to stay up and play in her room when is supposed to be sleeping. She loves spaghetti and chocolate milk. 



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