Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pre-School 1st Days

The chalk didn't work so great! She said she wants to be Cinderella!

Chloe's 1st Day of Pre-School (small group day) was 8.27.14. Since we missed her open house (same time as our's and missed her meeting the day after Griffin was born), Jason and I took her to school. Of course, TT and Grif was there too! We also took in her required supplies. I had been preparing myself for this day as much as possible. With her personality, I knew that she would be okay. It was TT that I was worried about. Sure enough, when it was time to go I said to TT "it's time to go bye bye." She gave me a kiss and said "bye bye." She thought she was staying too! After an emotional embrace of the girls and tears from me, we headed out the door. Chloe's teacher had given us a run down of the typical day so every so often I checked it to see what she was doing at the point. We wanted to give TT her own 'day'. So, we headed to breakfast at Frisch's (where Grif had an accident) and then down the road. We bought party supplies (TT is almost 3), presents, played at the mall and had frozen yogurt (although I didn't have any since they didn't have vanilla.... grrrr). We then headed back to school to pick Chloe up.

Today, 9.2.14, Chloe rode the bus for the first time and Jason went back to work. Of course, when we got to the school, everyone wanted to see Griffin. After some talking, we headed to where the shuttle bus will pick her up each morning to take her to the elementary school. She was super excited! (She had even got to she Jason's mom and Aunt C since they work in the district. She also go to see Cousin C while waiting). When the bus pulled up she was practically pulling me! We waited for everyone else to get on and a parent to get her question answered, I walked Chloe onto the bus (there was a sub. driver). We saw her other Cousin C just a row back and I headed off the bus. TT wanted so badly to get onto the school bus. She didn't quite understand. 
We then headed back inside to visit a little more. When the bell rang, tears came over me again when she hesitated to say bye to Jason. After a diaper change in the back of the van, we headed home. Back to the school we go to pick up Daddy & Sissy!



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