Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Many Firsts

Griffin has his first appointment on Monday 8.25.14. The girls weren't so great in the waiting room. He peed all over when the nurse was trying to get his measurements. It was a TON and really funny! She gave up trying to get his mearsurements, therefore; I am not sure what percentile he was in for everything. Grrrr!
Once we were back in the room, the girls continued to misbehave so Jason took the girls out to the van. He wasn't very happy to miss his appointment, but it all worked out. His temperature was 98.9. He will be seen again on his 1 Month Birthday!

The stump to his umbilical cord fell out on his due date, 8.26.14. Soon after, he got his first real bath. He loved it!

We have been on two walks since he has come home (one day at the park and the other (in the pictures above) was at home on 8.31.14)



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