Monday, September 29, 2014

Meeting with Chloe's Birthfamily

On Sunday 9.21.14, we met with Chloe's birthmother and birthfather at the Mexican restaurant. They rode separate and saw us when we pulled in. They had gifts galore! Tissue paper went everywhere with each gust of wind. Even though they are no longer together; it's good to see them getting along now. We had a ton of pictures to give each one (we were behind printing them off). We ordered food and talked. Chloe wrote her name for them and of course they were proud. I fed Griffin and after we were finished eating they opened gifts. The girls got clothes, matching dolls, stuffed animals and a jewelry box. Griffin received some baby gear and several outfits. They truly love each and everyone of the kids. They never leave TT and now Griff out of the loop. It means a lot to us!


France said... [Reply to comment]

So awesome! I think it's great how they always included TT and now the babe too! Unconditional love!


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