Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day - Part 1

Baby C received this hat from her great grandmother. It barely fit on her head, but we had to try. We were able to sleep in that morning. We wanted to start our own tradition, so we made a huge breakfast before opening our gifts. Baby C sat at the table with us after having her more bottle. I'll admit it, we had enough food for several families when it was just my DH and I eating. Plus, I don't think we ate as much as we normally would. We were just too excited!
I picked up this sleeper a while back (I think at K.ohls). It fit great, but the space between each button bulged out. Although, I still think she looked adorable for Christmas morning! 
Baby C loved her stocking. This came in the M.acy's basket we won at the party earlier this month.
Before the evening's festivities, Baby C ate rice, had another bottle and a long nap. She had been a busy, busy baby.


Life Happens said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE those rosey cheeks!! Like I said, she makes me smile EVERY time I see her pictures!

Glad you had a great christmas together as a family!

Happy New Year!!


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