Sunday, August 23, 2009

One door closes, another opens...

It's that time of the year. It's back to school. I am o.k with that. I love my job (most days at least)! I am so ready for the distraction. We both are. We are ready for a TTC break.

Even though we will be taking a TTC break; we will not be on a break from my RE.

My RE got back into town. She wanted to see us right away. I have still been having pregnancy symptoms... that main one I have been experiencing is MS (morning sickness). I can't believe it. I wished and dreamed of MS. And now, I just want it to go away. It's hard enough that I know my babies have passed and now I get the 'joy' of getting sick one or two times a morning. Icing on the cake. I don't like cake.

RE decided to complete an U/S to see what was going on. Of course, we got confirmation. It was so difficult to see the babies again. Both were still there. But, no life.

This was also our WTF appointment. Ohh excuse me... it was our consult appointment. I am just going to jump to our conclusions instead of going through everything we talked about. We covered a lot that day.

~ Thyroid was 4.28 at 6w6d. That could be due to pregnancy, but it could also be a cause of m/c. We have decided to raise my dosage to 50mcg from 25mcg. I am sure we will check my level again soon. I am going to ask them to check my thyroid immediately when I get a BFP in the future.
~ 'Bad' tube. During my LAP last December RE was able to open blocked tube. During IVF we found out that it had closed back up when we saw fluid. That fluid could be toxic to implanting embryos. Although the fluid is not longer there, we have decided to do another LAP and remove the tube. More information to come.
~Blood Work. Took several vials of blood from me and one from DH. Using this blood we are checking for other clotting issues that I may have that were not checked last time and also my thyroid antibodies. From the blood taken, we are also checking our chromosomes. More about these tests... when I find out more. Some of the tests results will not be in for weeks. I expect to hear about some of the results in a couple of weeks.
~ This pregnancy. I am still having symptoms and from the U/S it doesn't seem as though the M/C will start on its own anytime soon. Therefore, we are having a D & C 8.25.09. RE doubts that will be able to complete testing (baby passed too long ago : ( ). I will schedule a follow up appointment after the surgery. I am guessing that the appointment will be within two weeks of the surgery.

So, for the next several months we will not be able to try again. We are on a forced break. We are on a much needed break. I am not sure what we will do after we are 'cleared.' A FET would be the logical route. We did talk a little about that at our meeting, but I am not sure I am sold on that being our next course of action. Although, we did receive some pretty good news about our snowbabies. One was graded 1.0, one was 1.5 and the third was 2.0 when they were frozen. Not too shabby. More about that soon...

For now, I am trying my best to focus on my students and college course. Tuesday is going to be very difficult. I now start a long wait. But, I will be o.k. One day, I will hold a healthy baby in my arms and all of this will be well worth the wait.
Angel Baby 3.15.09
Angel Babies 8.09



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