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Induction Day - Part 2

Part 2
At 2:50pm I called my sister C to ask her to start heading to the hospital with Baby C. She had to get her little ones off of the bus and meet her husband and then she would be there. My husband called his mother at the same time to tell her that it was time to push. Apparently she left work a little early (anticipation?). The nurse made the calls to get the surgical tech in to set-up the supplies and found out the doctor was within 15 minutes. It was time! A little after 3:00pm I started to push. The doctor arrived not too much later (I would say around 3:10pm) and by 3:20pm our September Blessing made her appearance!
 Early the morning of induction! 40w3d!
 Welcome to the world precious
 Teegan Michaela Lee H~~~~
Born 9.7.11 at 3:20pm
19.75inches long
Approximately 14in head circum.
 Baby T getting checked out by our nurse D.ani
 What a special memory!! Our nurse likes to do this for the dads!
 I got to hold Baby T immediately after birth (skin-to-skin). Afterwards, she was checked out by our nurse and my husband took pictures, got the foot prints, etc... He then got to complete her first feeding (S.imilac A.dvance). I then got to hold her again (by this time she had her eyes treated). For the next two hours, we were both monitored. My husband saw his mom and dad pull into the hospital parking lot. Soon afterwards, he went out to the waiting room to tell them that she had be born. They tried to get information out of him, but he kept it all a secret until they met her. I called my sister again to check to see where they were. We knew she wouldn't be long so we waited for Baby C to arrive before letting anyone else meet Baby T. When Baby C arrived, my husband's dad called him to let him know. He went to the waiting room to get her.
 I can't put it into words what it was like when the girls met. It was simply amazing! Baby C met Baby T a little after 5pm. Then, my husband took Baby C to the waiting room to get everyone else (my sister C, FIL and MIL). They came back around 5:10pm or so. Everyone was introduced and took turns holding the newest member of the family. Baby C then got her gift from her Baby Sister (L.ittle P.eople toy). She loved it!
 At 5:25pm we had to be moved to the 2nd floor (Mommy & Baby). This was standard practice (if all is well it's a two hour stay on the 3rd floor after delivery). The nurse pulled up with my wheelchair as I was on the phone with my sister R telling her the good news. My husband also texted several other family members the details.
 Once we were downstairs, both Baby T and I were checked out. Then, she was given her first bath by the nurse. I was then able to get more skin-to-skin time.
 The first outfit she wore was the unisex ducky sleeper we had bought before we found out gender.
First picture of my husband with his two girls.
Our family stayed until a little before 8pm (the end of visiting hours). After giving Baby C hugs and kisses, I wanted to cry. I held it in though. That was the first night we had ever stayed without her. It was tough. But, it was important for us to spend time with our newest addition. A little while after everyone left, we texted a few other people and posted the new on FB.
As for me... I was doing well. The delivery was quicker than I could have ever imagined and pushing was fast. The epidural was amazing once it took full effect. The hardest part of pushing was getting enough breath. I can't believe how much your water leaks and how quickly/intense my contractions were so soon! My husband was amazing during the entire labor and delivery (---hospital stay actually). As the epidural wore off, I itched like crazy. At first I declined B.enadryl, but I had to take them up on the offer later. We spent two nights in the hopsital. Healing from the delivery needed to be moniored and so far I am doing much better. When I was being discharge the nusre asked about my breasts (we are formula feeding);  I had absolutely no pain. By Saturday morning, they had grown several sizes, engorgement to the max had set in and I began leaking. I was not prepared at all for the pain and heaviness in my chest. Baby T was feeding well, but by the next monring she was having some spitting up issues (literally not getting 1mL and then spitting up everything from the prior feeding). We switched to S.imilac S.ensitive and the issues seemed to be fixed. SHe was monitored closely since I was GBS+. DUring the second day Baby T failed her hearing test and failed the same one the next morning. But, when taken to the nursery for a more sensitive test she passed qucikly. They guessed that she had some 'goo' left in her ear. Big sign of relief. They had told us that we would have to wait two weeks and then go to our C.hildren's Hospital for an exam. Could you imagine waiting two weeks for that test? On night two, we sent Baby T to the nursery for a few hours in the middle of the night. I felt terrible. I knew that we wouldn't have that ability at home. But, when we pushed her bassinet into the nursery we saw that there were at least 12 other babies. We no longer felt so bad. Those few hours of sleep were amazing! During that time, her bili was checked and she was given her Hep. B shot. They also weighed her one last time at 6lbs4oz. We were discharged early Friday morning and left the hospital parking lot at 10:53am.


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Congrats!!!! She is so cute!!!!!

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Congrats! Baby T is BEAUTIFUL! What a beautiful family. I'm so happy for you!!


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Congrats!!! I am so happy for you :D

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congrats! she's beautiful!!

our son failed his first two hearing tests in the hospital too, and we had to wait 6 weeks!!! but our fears subsided after a few days because he would respond to loud noises, so don't worry too much

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Congratualations! I was out of town for a week...oh so much can happen...

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Ah!! Love the update! Baby C and Baby T meeting is soo adorable! Glad you are doing well mama!!

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Congratulations! She is gorgeous and daddy looks so proud with his two girls!

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Congrats! She is beautiful! Love the name! Hope you are doing well.

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We started Isabella on Similac Advance last year when she was a few days old (after miserably failing at BF'ing!!) and had to switch her to Similac Soy a week after that b/c she was having so much gas & pain. The Soy did the trick! As she got older, she did fine again on the Advance & now on regular whole milk!

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I have loved reading your story! What an awesome moment that must have been to have your daughters meet for the very first time.


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