Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby T's 1st Appointment

Baby T had her first appointment on Monday, September 12, 2011. Loading up to get there took us a little while, but we managed. It had rained a little the night before so there was water standing in the parking lot. My DH carried in Baby T and I held Baby C's hand as she walked. Halfway in, I had to pick her up (which I probably shouldn't have done---since I was still in pain from delivery and engorgement had fully set-in). We walked in the first set of doors and I immediately lost my footing. I did everything that I could so that Baby C wouldn't get hurt. I recovered. I started crying. It hurt SO FLIPPING BAD! My DH asked if I was okay. We then went in and I sat down while my DH checked us in and told them that the floor was slick (perhaps they had another rug that they could put out). When I went up to the counter to fill out paperwork the receptionist has realized why we were there and immediately asked if I was okay.

After filling out the necessities, we were soon taken back. Baby T weighed 6lbs12oz. She was back over birth weight. She measured 19 inches long which was .75 shorter than birth....hmm, anyway.... Her head circum. was about the same. The DR. asked the basics (forumla, sleeping issues/location, etc..) and asked us how Baby C was doing.

She asked if we were getting flu shots (which we did on 9.21.11) and asked if we wanted Baby C to have one. They had some in stock, so even though we were unprepared Baby C got her flu shot. It went better than expected.

Baby T's next appointment is at 1 month. We are going to schedule Baby C's 15 month appointment for the same time. Ohh boy, both girls needs shots next time...


Faith said... [Reply to comment]

Glad the appt went well and I'm so sorry you slipped -ouch!! We've done both babies' shots at the same time - and we never did it again. We split them up now. They always ask if we want to do them at the same time - no thank you, lol! Good luck;).

Dale Budd said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness, you sweet thing, I bet you were surely hurting the next day. Hope you are feeling better.
Glad to hear Baby T is doing well, and that you and Baby C were not injured in the fall. Keep the pictures coming of your beautiful girls!

Sending Hugs!
A Mom-Mom in NJ


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