Wednesday, May 13, 2009

IVF Class... Do I really have to remember all of this?

We got through it! We got there early, of course. We arrived around 5:30pm. We sat in the waiting room just like it was any other appointment. This was definitely not like an appointment we've been to before. We are taking the next step.

The Clint Manager then came out and got those of us who were there already. We went back to a conference style room. Pretty quickly, the meeting was started. My RE ran the meeting. Some of the couples attending had another RE that works at the facility. For the 1st hour or so , Dr. T. talked about the ends-and-outs of IVF. She discussed: why people choose IVF, the details of the procedure from start to finish, possible complication, the risks of multiples... and so much more that I can't even recall everything. Then, a lab nurse talked with us for hour. She had a PowerPoint, as did Dr. T., to go along with her presentation. She talked with us about sperm collection and the process of egg collection (ER)and egg transfer (ET). We also learned about "grading." Main idea is that 1 is the best and 4 is basically horrible. I want all 1s. Then, the meeting ended with another 1hr and 15min talk with the Clint Manager. She talked with us about cost and about the medications that will have to be used. We also had to turn in the paperwork that we had filled out ahead of time. Along with that, there were a few other forms that we had to fill out at the meeting itself. We also had to get our pictures taken. This picture will be placed in the front of our file folder. Yuck! It was a great Polaroid!
This topic deserves a section of its own. Oh boy! We are in for it. I have to admit, I was.. still am, very nervous about giving/getting shots. I need to get over it quick. I will start giving/getting my shots in just a few weeks and will continue throughout the ENTIRE process. The Clint Manager said that once we get the meds. in the mail that we can come in to get a refresher course. They will also bag everything up for us!

3 hrs. 2o mins. later, we left! My head is still spinning. I a nervous, anxious, scared, overwhelmed and elated all at the same time. They went over so much, I am not quite sure I even remember the first part. I'm glad they gave us more folders with more information. We have tons of reading to get in.

Things to do:
1. Watch videos provided about Lupron (Suppression) and PIO (Progesterone in Oil) injections

2. Buy Baby Aspirin (Will start taking 81mg tablet once daily, 2 days of ER)
1. Call Clinic on CD 1. Will schedule CD 3 bloodwork(b/w) and ultrasound (u/s). Clint Manager will order medications at this point.
Upcoming Appointments:
May 29th Consent & Sounding Appointment @ 4:00pm (Go over & Sign Consent Forms, b/w for the both of us and Mock Transfer)
Checkmark! DH got TV hooked up in bedroom today. That will come in handy during bed rest after the ET. Also, we stopped at Wally World on the way home last night. Picked up a couple pair of cute, colorful cotton stretch Capri's. These will be great while I am stimming!

My day off school was refreshing!



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