Saturday, May 30, 2009

Over & Done

Well, we did it. We signed our life away.... O.k, so we really didn't. That's actually how I felt when we bought our new home last year.... And, it's kind of how I felt when we bought the car last Friday. Last night, I felt as though we were just moving forward. Yes, there were a ton of decisions to be made and papers to be signed.

Before we talked to the RE, the nurse got b/w from the both of us. DH also had to give a # 1 sample. She then took all of my vitals. Then, my RE completed a u/s. She had a hard time finding my 'good' side. Finally, she did. We have never had that happen before. We then completed the mock transfer. All went well. I was just a bit crampy afterwards. It was just like our IUI in February.

When then met with our RE in a conference room. She confirmed the call from Thursday. We will be doing ICSI. I got online when I got home last night. Looked up SART(a place where you can find IVF clinic statistics). It seems like most clinics have a 50% rate of using ICSI. I guess we are just part of another statistic. RE said she wasn't really sure we needed it. But, if it increases our chances... we are going for it!

We only had a few questions for her. We changed the calendar a little. Instead of going in on CD 6; we will be going in on CD 5. She wants to keep an eye on me. Since I am young and have mild PCOS, I am at greater risk for OHSS (overstimulating). Each time I go in, I will have an u/s and b/w completed. The main thing they will be looking at in the b/w is my E2 level. For each mature egg the E2 should be multiplied by 200. (Although, that direct of a relationship isn't always correct. Some of the eggs may not be mature.) She said if it gets over 4000, they get worried. If it gets over 5000, they harvest the eggs but save them for on FET cycle. If the levels get above 6000, the cycle is cancelled. I would love to have a lot of eggs to work with... but I want to complete this cycle... I want a fresh cycle.

Side Note: When we were in our appointment, I got an call form Ascend (the pharmacy). It went to vmail. Well apparently some more of my meds. went through! A refund check for $115 is in the mail as we speak! I will update about this more when I learn the details!



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