Friday, November 4, 2011

High School Dance

Part of my DH's job requires him to attend one of the dances at the high school. On 10.28.11, they held their annual H.alloween dance. That evening we took the girls to S.ubway for dinner, back to the house to relax and then headed to the dance. We drove seperate so that I could leave early with the girls. Baby C had been the year before also.
 Playing in the teacher's lounge.
 Not the best picture, but had to capture them together at the dance.
 Baby C had discovered how to climb. The problem is that she likes to stand up and walk/run across (couchs, benches, etc...).
 Baby T mostly slept. But, she was as cute as can be doing so!
 Baby C liked to stay in the hallway where they were taking pictures, money, tickets, etc... The dance was held in the lunchroom. Everytime we put her down in there, she ran out to the hallway.
 Baby C discovered a ramp. She ran back-and-forth several, several times. Sometimes she got going so fast that she rolled down the ramp!
 How cute is this? One day, this could be here locker!


Faith said... [Reply to comment]

Fun! Their outfits are always so cute:)! How do you get C to keep her bows in?? Addison is already ripping hers off the minute I put them on:).


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