Saturday, August 20, 2011

37 Week Check Up

Last Wednesday morning we had our regular 37 week check up. My basics all checked out. I was weighed on a differnt scale and it said that I had lost six pounds or so. But, when we tried my 'normal' scale I really hadn't : )
The nurse hooked me up to complete the NST. At first she wanted me on my back, but she quickly knew that wasn't comfortable for me. So, to the left side I went. She had a difficult time getting the little one to cooperate. She thought she had found a good spot to track her heartbeat and movement so she left. When she came back several minutes later, the data was too broken up. She tried some more. At one point, I went to my right side. The MW came in. She measured me (I measured right where I needed to be), she answered questions and told me that I did in fact come back GBS+. She then tried to get a better reading for the NST. We got consistent data, but the little one wasn't awake. I hadn't ate, so I gobbled down a granola bar. We finally got a little action, but not much. I am glad when got something going on though because the MW warned us that she may send us over to the hospital. When she checked for her position she was concerend she may have moved from the week before (the same MW saw us at our 36 appointment). I really hope that she is still head down. Our MW mentioned inversion and a c-section if it didn't work.... : /

So, we are now scheduled for our regular 38 week check up, a repeat NST and a position/growth ultrasound this coming Tuesday.


Amber said... [Reply to comment]

I'm hoping that her little noggin is still snuggled nicely downwards and that if it isn't, she turns on her own this week! I can't believe how close you are now!!!

kkasun said... [Reply to comment]

I hope she goes back to head down!!! You are getting so close!!!


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