Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Discussion Group

We are part of an adoption group that is not affiliated with our agency, but many of those who are a part of it are in someway connected to the agency. The group is growing tremendously with the number of placements that our agency has been completing recently.

Every month, the group holds a discussion the first Wednesday of the month. My DH and I never get to go because it is held in the morning and we are teachers. Unfortunately, last summer while we were waiting and then had placement of Baby C, they did not hold meetings. This summer they decided to hold one in June and August, but take July off. So, I was excited when I got to attend. My DH did not; he was still completing the school year. It's so nice to sit and listen to others. Their stories are all amazing. It was nice to hear some of their concerns, the issues that had come up lately, etc...

During the meeting, many of the children attend a playgroup for $2 per hour. But, little ones can sit with their parents. Baby C stayed with me. She was amazing!
After the meeting, our close friend (her DH and her were in our same adoption education class as us) and another adoptive mother (whom I've met before) went to lunch at T.he C.heescake F.actory.

It was a great day!


barbie said... [Reply to comment]

her outfit is just beautiful!

Dale Budd said... [Reply to comment]

Your sweet baby girl just gets cuter every day. You always have her dressed so adorable. You will have a ball dressing two little girls! Hoping you are feeling good, and enjoying your pregnancy.

A Mom-Mom in NJ

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I LOOOOOOOOOVE that outfit!!!


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