Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday- Day 2

We woke up Sunday having little or no sleep. I can’t remember if we had breakfast or not anywhere. If we did, I assure you that I didn’t eat much. We headed straight to the hospital. Our plan was to spend time there, but not all day. We had talked with our SW about that. We wanted to see her so badly, but were so scared of what could or could not happen in the hours to come.

When I saw her Sunday, she was even more precious than the day before. We knew that we had to call our SW soon with her name. That morning we were still pondering, but had continually narrowed it down. Once we were at the hospital and able to hold her, it just clicked. We knew that we had figured out what she was to be called. We texted our SW. She said, “Great name!” She then contacted the Records Department at the hospital. From then on, we started calling her by her name. It started feeling more and more real…and like it could actually happen.

After a few hours, we left the hospital on a mission. We needed something to bring her home in. It’s tough find preemie cloths; especially something other than a sleeper. We went store to store and finally found something at Sear’s. It was hard for me to purchase something. I only wanted to buy one outfit, but DH insisted on two. We also spotted a bedding set and wall décor that we absolutely loved at BRU. Again, DH wanted to buy it, but I just couldn’t dare. At T.arget I found a NB dress and bloomers that I thought may fit; it was too cute to resist. Even though we looked everywhere, I couldn’t find any bows. I wanted a BIG bow. Buy everything I found was to big in the headband or way too small in the bow. We tried to eat lunch at G.old S.tar in the mall, but that didn’t settle to well with me.

We decided it was time to head back to the hospital. On our way in, my phone rang. It was our SW. She reassured me that everything was o.k. Another SW had just met with Baby C’s BFamily to get the BD’s history. The meeting had gone as planned. Another hurdle had been met. That’s another reason we left the hospital that afternoon. I was so afraid that we would get a phone call that they had changed their mind while we were there with Baby C. But, that didn’t happen. That phone call allowed me to breathe, but only a little.

We proceeded to go upstairs to spend more time with Baby C. A few hours passed and reality really started to settle in. We had nothing but a car seat/stroller combo and a few outfits. We left the hospital around 5ish and headed back to BRU to make a registery as a list. DH was in charge of the registery gun. He had fun. I pointed, he registered away. The gentleman from the night before was there again. He was so helpful. We bought a few more things ourselves including a sippie cup with her name (I know, that’s a while away). He gave us an expired coupon to use and said that cashier would honor it. Sure enough, another act of kindness. I am sure that we got dinner somewhere on the way home, but I can’t remember where. I knew that I wouldn’t be cooking anytime soon.

When we got home, we completed a few more things around the house. The night before, I had remembered that I had bought a diaper bag at the V.era B.radley outlet sale a few years back. I pulled it out from under our bed and threw it in the washer.

Sunday night, I did a load of baby laundry for the first time. It smelled soooo good. I couldn’t wait to pack the diaper bag. I would save that for Monday.


Jo said... [Reply to comment]

I get chills, and so much excitement for you reading this.

I love, love, love to hear adoption stories. Keep it coming!


Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

This post warmed my heart. I am so happy for you and how this is all progressing!

Breen said... [Reply to comment]

Love hearing your journey.

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said... [Reply to comment]

Congratulations! That's wonderful.

~Happy ICLW~

Justina said... [Reply to comment]

Here from ICLW. Your posts brought tears to my eyes. I love hearing stories like this. Congratulations on your new little one!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I am so happy for you!I am loving the updates too! You are an awesome writer!

Kari said... [Reply to comment]

I am so happy for you and continue to love reading your story!! :)

Adventures in Baby Waiting said... [Reply to comment]

I am loving all of these posts! I was just reading your blog title and the subscript... it's hard to deal with now but one day it will all be worth it. You reached that day..the day that all of your hard work would show for something in the end! How about that!

Circus Princess said... [Reply to comment]

I've got tears in my eyes. This post is just so beautiful and filled with cautious hope!

I'm rooting for your little family :)

Kelly L said... [Reply to comment]

I'm just stopping in from ICLW! Congratulations!!! I remember all the same worries with our adoption of S. I had 1 outfit when we left for the hospital and had to send my DH and Mom out to buy the stroller/carseat combo after S was born and I'd stay with her first mom in the hospital. I just couldn't buy anything for fear of it not working out again, so I totally understand that! Enjoy all the baby snuggle time, it goes by so quickly! :)

Missy said... [Reply to comment]

The past few posts have been so exciting to read, I can only imagine how exciting and overwhelming it was to actually experience. Thanks for sharing.

MUMMY IN WAITING said... [Reply to comment]

So exciting! Can't wait for your next post!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, I know the feeling. I almost passed out when I tried to buy things to take with us to get our baby. I just couldn't commit to buying things without REALLY knowing it was all official. I forbade my friends from buying me anything (they did anyway, darn them) before we came home with a child.

Just keep breathing.

Kelli said... [Reply to comment]

My heart can't make up its mind reading this post!! It's racing with excitement and just melting away! I'm so enjoying your story!! xoxo

Grace said... [Reply to comment]

congratulations! how exciting!!! yay! i hope your transition into mommyhood is full of joy and laughter!
happy iclw!

wifey said... [Reply to comment]

I love hearing your story, and can't wait until I get to do some baby laundry too!


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