Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Forward We Go

Our D&C follow-up was today. It went as expected for the most part. We had discussed most the same topics at our last appointment right before the procedure.

Pelvic Exam: All is well.

Bloodwork (TSH antibodies, other clotting factors we did not check before and both of our chromosomes): We already knew the results, but RE rehashed them today. All is well.

2nd LAP Surgery: It's a go. We are going to completely remove the tube in order to ensure no ectopic pregnancies on that side. It has been scheduled for 10.27. I will find out more details next week. I will be taking off work the Tuesday-Friday that week. After my last LAP, I had to have DH's help to even stand the first 2 to 3 days. DH is planning to take off the first 2 days. All will be well.

Plan: FET. Will start BCPs with arrival of AF. Will stay on them until CD 21 or if it falls after that day until a certain day that we will learn of later. Will eventually start Lupron (either CD 21 or another day past that). Will wait on AF again. On CD 2 or 3 will have baseline u/s. On CD 3 will start oral estrogen. What the heck is that for? I also forgot to ask about doxcycline. I am sure I will also have to take that again. I will continue the estrogen through CD 15 and on that day I will have a lining check (u/s). If all is well, I will begin PIO and Baby ASA. The ET will be 6 or so days later. My embies that are waiting will be thawed the day of the ET. Then, I will be pregnant and remain pregnant until I have a healthy baby or two in my arms. I hope all will be well.

Things I am doing in order to prepare: stocking up on anti-itch cream and extra bandages (for the after surgery stage )walking (hoping to lose a few IVF pounds), looking into acupuncture (I must relax), finding ways to increase blood flow to the uterus and enhance implantation.... hmm, what else should I be doing? Any hints? Of course, I am still taking my metformin and synthroid. I also need to find out if it's o.k. to start taking my prenatal and folic acid again.


Leah said... [Reply to comment]

I really hope your FET is successful. Thinking of you.

Gabby said... [Reply to comment]

oh wow, rachel..

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I just read your blog, and wow.. what a journey you have been on!

I will follow you and really are hoping you have success with your FET. So far, I am a big believer in FET.

Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for your comment on my blog. The break is definitely an added challenge (like we need any more, right?)...but I'm hanging in there. I hope you are as thoughts are with you!

Adventures in Baby Waiting said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you for sharing your story and for your post on my blog. I will follow you. It's so meaningful to be able to read the words of someone who has experienced this before me. I wish you all the best!


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