Sunday, November 1, 2015

1st Lost Tooth

Just a few days before, Chloe told us she had a loose tooth. Sure enough it was loose enough to move way back and way forth. I messed around for a few days and then finally ordered a Tooth Fairy Package off of Etsy. I asked the seller about quick ship and shipped immediately. The very day she lost the tooth (10.17.15), we received the package that morning. After putting the kiddos to bed, we heard TT yell something to the point that Chloe had a lost a tooth. We quickly heard Chloe cry and she came downstairs; she was bleeding. They wanted to sleep together and we playing. TT had knocked it out! Chloe exclaimed that her tooth went flying so Jason went to find it and I sprang into action. We told the girls about the door, the Tooth Fairy glitter and so on. After they were sleeping, we played toothfairy. Jason went to Kroger to get a golden coin since the girls were so sure that she would be bringing Chloe one The next morning, TT worke up first and then woke up the entire house so that we could all examine the Tooth Fairy's stop!



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