Monday, December 22, 2014

4 Month Appointment


I took Griff to his 4 month appointment today. Jason stayed at home with the girls. That ended up being a good choice since so much sickness is going around.

He weighed 13lbs 11oz (25%) & was 26.50in long (90%). Underweight, but on the growth curve. His temperature was 98.9F and his BMI was 13.01. We talked about his excessive ear wax (lol, I swear he has a TON) and his sensitive skin. 

He also has a cold. They even sent us out the back door in order to try to avoid the packed waiting room of sick children.

When we got home he was fine. Several hours later, I took TT grocery shopping and Jason called to tell me that Griff had gotten sick, twice. We rushed home. His temperature was 100.4F, After giving him Tylenol and waiting for an hour, his temperature went up to 100.6F. We called the on-call nurse who put us through to the on-call doctor (who happened to be our doctor). We are to monitor him tonight. Prayers for a good night.



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