Monday, November 10, 2014

Louisville Trip 11.7-11.9


Zaxby's (we had never been to one before)
The drive down took a little longer than expected, so we changed up plans and ate here. We then checked into the hotel and went for a swim. The shallow part of the pool was only 3ft; so, the girls were excited that they could reach. Griff had a good time swimming for the first time!

The next morning, we headed to the hotel's free breakfast (we try to always stay at hotel that provides one). It was delish. We then headed out the a inflatable jump area. This facility was AMAZING!

We then headed downtown tot he Frazier History Museum. It was wonderful. It was made even better when we got in free since it was teacher appreciation day. We try to always get a magnet on each get-a-way. So, we picked one up here.
We found a Subway a block or so down the road for lunch. I snapped a few pictures of the river before we left.

We then headed to the Oxmoor Mall. One of my favorite stores, naartjie, is closing. I stocked up on some summer finds. Then, we went to see the movie Super Hero 6. It was a great movie and the theater was CRAZY (cheap, a bar, popcorn factory, big screens tvs, one line for food and tickets, HUGE, strobe lights in the parking lot, etc....) It was a FUN experience!

We had Home Run Burger & Fries for dinner!

Sunday morning we were all smiles after cookies and milk from Sam's and a good sleep. We had breakfast and made our way home.



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